Sunday, January 15, 2006

Training for week of 1/9/2006

Monday: 2450 yards swimming/1 1/4 hours (masters w/ Roger, N. Bldr. Rec.), 3/4 hour walk/2 miles (Cody, Teller Farm trail)

Tuesday: 3.8 miles/44 mins. running (Lola, Teller Farm trail)

Wednesday: 1/2 hour walk (1 1/2 miles?) w/ Cody on Bobolink trail

Thursday: 1 3/4 miles/1/2 hour running w/ Lola, agility practice (Lola)

Friday: agility practice (Cody)

Saturday: 26 miles/2:40 hrs. trail & dirt roads (Wonderland, Foothills, Eagle, Lefthand, dirt roads), agility practice (Cody & Lola)

Sunday: 4 miles/56 mins. trail running w/ Lola (Enchanted Mesa, Skunk Canyon, Mesa, Enchanted Mesa), 3 miles/1 hour walking w/ Cody & Strummer (Boulder Rez), 2 miles/50 mins. walking w/ Strummer (Wonderland Lake)

Swim: 2450 yards/1 1/4 hours
Bike: 26 miles (trails)/2:40 hours (ytd. 46 miles (trails)/4:50 hours)
Run: 9.55 miles/2:10 hours
Walk: 8.5 miles/3:05 hours
Today was my longest/toughest run since my accident, around 4 miles on some pretty steep, rocky trails. Maybe next week I’ll make it into the double digits with running. Missed a masters workout due to a cancellation and couldn’t schedule a different practice in this week, mainly due to the dogs and work stuff.
I was sick (fever, nausea, dizziness, please don’t make me eat anything) last Monday through Wednesday and didn’t want to risk feeling crappy for my agility trial last weekend so I took it easy Thurs. & Friday. I did some walking but that was about it.


  1. Nice week of training Elayne.
    Hope you are feeling better.

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  3. Thanks Alan! I've got a doctor's appt. today to see what's up with my knee so hopefully I'll be back on track soon.

    One of these days I'll have to figure out a way to delete these stupid spammer comments. What a nuisance.