Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grand Canyon

I'm a bit behind with blogging and will catch up as time and energy permit.  I went to Arizona last week and missed the subzero cold snap in Colorado.  Aside from barely making my plane because the bus was late due to some icy roads my travel was not impacted thankfully.  I hate traveling enough as it is, I don't need complications.  However my aunt who I was meeting was not so lucky and her plane arrived some 4-5 hours late which meant I had to amuse myself in Phoenix while waiting for her because we were driving to Sedona in the same rental car.  There is not a lot to do in Phoenix, at least not that I could find.  Drove around downtown for ages and couldn't even find a place to eat.  And if I could there was nowhere to park anyway.  But it was cool seeing palm trees and cacti in February.  I'm not a winter getaway person, this is the first time ever that I've been somewhere warm-ish during the winter and this was due to my aunt wanting to escape Michigan's Polar Vortex Freeze-o-Rama.  It stayed mostly in the 50's in Sedona which was fine for me but maybe not what she was hoping for.  Still, so much better than the -14 degrees in Boulder and probably worse in Michigan.  Jonny said it was so cold the back door froze shut and he had to shovel a path to the front door in the subzero temps.  Can't say I was sorry to miss that.

We went to the Grand Canyon which is very cool in winter.

My aunt had never been to the Grand Canyon and she was excited to see it.  I've only been once before.  I think we're the only 2 in our family who have been there.  We didn't get to do any hiking.  Maybe at some point I'll go when I can actually hike but it's not top of my list.

Flagstaff was fun too, we had breakfast there on the way up.  Jonny and I are looking for places to possibly move to sometime in the future and Flagstaff is a maybe.  Will have to go back and spend more time there.

More photos from the rest of my trip coming soon.


  1. Super cool! I still haven't been to it.

  2. Great pictures!!

  3. Anonymous8:26 AM

    If you get stuck in Phoenix again and want to eat, find a Pita Jungle. Check out the menu on I'm drooling just thinking about it.
    here's also one in Flag.

  4. Thanks Debie, I'll keep it in mind. I probably drove right by it several times. No more trips planned for now but you never know.