Sunday, January 05, 2014

Crazy Dog Lady Goes to Home Depot

It was not a particularly nice day today, a rarity for Boulder but it does happen.

High of 14 degrees, don't even know what the wind chill was and at that point does it even matter?  And 7" of snow.  Jonny and I decided to finally start tackling some of the zillions of remodeling projects that need to be done around our circa 1980's decorated house.  And by that I mean we decided to go to Home Depot to pick out the raw materials like tile and shower heads and shower doors that other people will be installing for us because neither of us are particularly handy beyond basic household repairs.

We were there a long time and ended up getting none of those things.  Instead I got stuff for dog training.  Because dog training is so much more fun than bathroom renovation.  Why can't I just wave a magic wand and my bathroom is nice and modern and clean and not so gross I'd rather shower at the Rec Center?

Anyway, as long as we were there browsing in the area rug section I remembered that I was half considering starting Strummer over on the flat with his running dogwalk which involves me needing some kind of 12' long carpet or something similar for him to run on.  A nice Lady in Training made the dire mistake of asking if I needed help.  Now is there anything a Crazy Dog Lady loves more than explaining her convoluted dog training equipment needs to the poor Home Depot employees?  But this particular Trainee lady was very inventive and after I rejected her ideas of custom cutting the cheapo carpet runner because that was going to cost $36 she came up with the brilliant idea of astroturf.  Which just happens to come in 12' lengths and she can cut me whatever width I want.  And it's only $.65 a sqaure foot!  Music to the ears of Crazy Dog Lady on a Budget.  Unfortunately this required a second employee and a lot of effort.  In the meantime I attracted a crowd of elderly folks who were also trying to buy carpet runner and had lots of questions for my Trainee who was stuck in the big carpet cutting machine.  The old man asked me if I was putting in a putting green (now there is a grammatical oddity that I couldn't have come up with if I tried).  So I had to explain that no, it is for my dog, and that put him at a loss for words.  And poor Jonny stared very intently at the hardwood floor samples and pretended as hard as he could not to know me.

In the end I got my 12' by 2' piece of astroturf for a whopping $6.  Was probably supposed to be $12 but they undercharged me somehow.   Now if only fixing the bathroom was so easy.

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