Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I've been too busy with other projects to post here but I couldn't let Halloween go by without a quick post.  One of my favorite holidays.

Me and my Skelly Friend.  He's got a new head for the holidays but they didn't carve it this time.

My neighbor always has a Skelly display in his cool old vintage Ford truck starting at Halloween and going on through to Mardi Gras (or maybe even St. Patrick's Day?), a different tableau for each holiday.  I'll try to get photos for each holiday this year.

 A wider view showing the cool old truck.

One year we had 4' of snow on the ground all winter and the snow had drifted almost as high as the window of the truck.  The Christmas display had Skelly in a Santa suit driving the truck and it looked for all the world like Santa had gotten stuck in the snow and frozen to death and withered away to bones.  It made me laugh all winter long.

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  1. Those are awesome! Have a great Halloween!