Sunday, December 09, 2012

'This American Life' Goes to the Dogs

For those who missed it, last week's 'This American Life' featured stories that were compelling, upsetting and thought provoking about 'what animals sacrifice for us and what we sacrifice for them'.

The website has photos to accompany the story about the war dogs including upsetting (to me anyway) photos of dogs wearing bomb vests to be sent on suicide missions.  I realize attitudes towards dogs and war and the government were way different back in the 40's but I still have a hard time imagining sending the family pet off to the U. S. military to let them do their bidding.

But I'm not so sure what I would do if I was in host Ira Glass' shoes as the owner of a fear aggressive pit bull with serious health and behavioral problems.  On the surface I can't imagine going to the lengths he goes to to live with and care for a dog that might bite me at any moment, especially knowing that there are so many great dogs out there that need a home.  But I've never been in that position so it's hard to say what I would do when you factor in the animal.  At the very least it makes me feel not quite so crazy for the energy I put into my own pack.  Who, let's face it, are spoiled rotten by 1940's standards.

But thank goodness I'm not to the point of riding an hour each way on a subway to buy them kangaroo meat.

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  1. Oh, love TAL--but never listen to stuff except in the car. Hmm, wonder whether I could burn that to a cd to take with me? Would have to figure out how... Thanks for the link.