Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbit Mountain

First time on these trails even though they're a mere 20 minutes or so away.  Probably the last time too, so rocky, eroded, unpleasant to walk on.  Great place to twist an ankle.  We only saw 4 people in 2 hours and 2 of them were a couple on their way down, woman was crying and could barely walk.  I asked if they needed help and the guy said, 'No, she's probably just sprained her leg', but her leg was jutting out at such an odd, unnatural angle and she was crying and looked in such pain, I'm guessing more likely it was broken.

Nonetheless, some pretty views.

Taking in the views.

Silly dog breaks out in stress dander a lot these days when we go hiking.

You would think most dogs would love to go hiking but Strum gets worried if Jonny and I separate on the trail by as little as 20 feet.  When one of us catches up to the other he wags his whole body and jumps on the straggler as if he hasn't seen them in weeks.  Or sometimes he breaks out in the dander for no apparent reason at all.  We were sitting on a bench taking in the views when he broke out in that dander.  Such a freak dog.

I love his goofy ears.  So many people tell me it would drive them crazy but I think they suit him perfectly.

It was nice to go somewhere new, I had been here biking a million years ago but I was on a smooth dirt road, not the super rocky trails.   Probably won't ever go back but glad to have hiked them the one time.


  1. Very pretty!! And it looks like you are still having nice weather if there's no snow on the ground!

  2. We're in dire need of snow/moisture so those dry brown fields aren't a good thing. Boulder got about an inch unexpectedly on Wednesday but with temps. in the 50's that snow is long gone. Though the mild, dry weather is good for training.

  3. Gorgeous! I've been taking a lot of urban shots lately--need to get back out into the hills again.

    Your photos of your dogs always have so much character!

  4. From what I've seen online lately, it looks like you got some more snow since this post but also that it's COLD! Hope you are staying warm.

  5. We had snow on Xmas Eve that's still hanging around, very unusual but we've also had 2 weeks of cold, 20's-30's so not all of it has melted. At least it's been sunny and not windy. Supposed to warm up by the weekend so hopefully we'll finally get some meltage.