Friday, November 30, 2012

Helpful Tips

Here are a few lessons from this morning's Kangoo boot camp class.

1.  Don't wear your 12 year old sports bra that you normally reserve for dog walking and lawn mowing to Kangoo class.

2.  If you insist on wearing the 12 year old sports bra, don't put it on inside out.

3.  It's best to get up early enough for some pre-workout caffeine (see above).

4.  If it's cold out and you're the only one who shows up and you didn't have time for breakfast and the instructor informs you that she's feeling especially energetic it might end up being a challenging workout.

5.  'Now let's go do some intervals' is not exactly what you're hoping to hear after the Kangoo calisthenic/dance session where your main goal was not to puke on the fancy pants tennis courts.

6.  'One more interval and we're done', are the sweetest words in the English language.

5.  Ooooh my abs.  Because after the dancing/jumping and intervals there's a mile cool down run in regular shoes and an ab workout.

6.  This is maybe not the best idea when you have an agility trial the following day.

If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not.  It was great to have a hard, 1 1/2 hour workout and I love the Kangoo boots and there's no way I would have pushed myself that hard on my own.  Not because I'm unmotivated but because I have a strong sense of self-preservation and don't like to push myself to the edge of puking.  But something about the hyper sped up dance versions of 'Billie Jean' and 'My Sharona' makes you want to keep going, fast as you can.

The best part though is that I'm finally starting to have some rhythm and coordination.  Even the instructor noticed and commented that I'm doing much better than when I first started so it wasn't just in my head.  Though I did have a chat with myself before going to class about acting like I knew what I was doing and not thinking too much about it and that helped a lot.  I'm doing yet another sports hypnotist training right now, can't ever have too many techniques and this instructor has some innovative stuff, and it reminds me that I can do this stuff for myself as well as my clients.

This weekend is a DOCNA trial and sore abs and quads aside, I'm looking forward to it.  I've been practicing regularly twice a week after pretty much taking the entire summer off and I'm starting to see some good results, especially with the weave poles.  So much awesome with the weave poles at both practices this week.  Seemed like we'd turned a corner after a practice session last week.  Probably still a bit of work to be done before I see the improvements in a trial but I'm hopeful for tomorrow.

No ambitious goals for tomorrow, just run and have fun and pretty up those weave pole entries and nice smooth handling.  Haven't been practicing dogwalks, those will be what they will be.  Trial is less than 20 minutes away so I can sleep in but still I'll have to wake up in enough time to get some caffeine.  And I'm throwing out that 12 year old sports bra just to be on the safe side.


  1. Old sports bras save up their issues and then surprise us with them.

    I hope it went well today!

  2. Funny about the bra--been there, done that! Not with kangaroo jumping, but just jogging or, yes, agility. Why do we hang on to them?!

    I'm like you--I will push myself on my own but not as far as I'll push myself with other people, whether it's a group or a class.

    The kangaroo thing sounds like fun! Do you ever fall?

  3. The boots are surprisingly stable. I have a problem if I put my gloves/hat on the ground and then have to bend down to pick them up but no problems with falling.