Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fun Day In the Dirt

Started the day off with an early morning agility practice.  I've got two people to practice with now and this morning's practice was at an indoor barn on dirt.  Half my trials are indoors on dirt and I almost always train outdoors so this is a nice opportunity.  Plus my training partner is very focused on the details.  Getting around the course isn't enough, she wants to tighten up every turn, get the lines right, fractions of a second matter.  Normally I'm mostly focused on merely getting around the course so this will sharpen up my handling for sure.  Plus it's so important to have precise handling for Strummer.

I love practice.  You get all the do overs you want plus you can try it this way then try it that way.  Fun.  We worked on a course courtesy of Agility Nerd.  We didn't do the big course but rather the 4 small exercises at the bottom of the page.  Very challenging and lots of fun plus the bonus of we only had to set up 5 jumps and a tunnel.  Because the equipment has to be pulled out and put away every time so the horses can play when we're through.  Lots of great stuff over at Agility Nerd but duh, I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that.

I didn't have any clients this afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we've been having and hit the Boulder Valley trails on my bike.  It was shorts and t-shirt weather, high 60's I think and plenty of lovely warm sunshine and blue skies.

I tried to get a photo of this coyote but he had moved quite a distance away by the time I got my camera out.  It looks like he's trapped in suburbia but really he's on a big field of open space.  He went towards the houses to avoid me and a woman with a dog who had stopped to watch.

That's it for the photos, too busy enjoying my ride to stop.  I've got a backlog of photos from some hikes but I'll get to them eventually.

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