Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sourdough Trail

I don't think this is exactly a great way to recover from a race but summer is so short in the high country, have to get in all the hiking I can.

Somebody was happy to hit the trails and stretch his legs.  Though he did manage to tear the pad up near one of his dew claws.

Didn't slow him down any.  Sporting the pointy up ears look.

And one up, one down.

Stick.  So fascinating.

Last time I was on this trail was 3 years ago and Cody came along.  It was one of his last hikes in the mountains.  He turned 14 last month and these days he goes on a mile loop through the neighborhood most days.  Lola can still hike but even at 11 she's a pain in the woods so she stayed home and kept Cody company.  I feel bad leaving them home but there's no point denying Strummer a nice hike.

Was going to take Strum to the practice field this morning for a quick dogwalk session despite the heat but his pad is still split a bit so he's on rest.  He's got a practice session on Friday with his Nationals teammates so he needs to be 100% by then.  And a DOCNA trial on Sunday - eeks.  We've had no practice other than backyard, 3-pole weave entries and while he's finally starting to get the entries, it doesn't feel like nearly enough prep for a trial.  Hopefully he'll heal up and we can get some good practice in before USDAA in 2 weeks.  I'm only doing Team and one standard run as practice for Nat's.  We're never going to get out of Starters but I thought the more challenging team classes would be more fun and I need to practice those types of courses for Nat's.  Strum has only ever done one Team competition and aside from that one trial with him I haven't done Team in years and years.  Should be fun but we need to start getting back into a practice groove despite the heat.


  1. What a cutie-patootie face! Love all his expressions. Clearly he was having a good time :)

  2. Great goofy picture at the top!