Thursday, August 09, 2012

Race photos and Olympic Coverage

Some photos from my race last weekend. 



I'm currently sitting in 5th place out of 18 in my region/age group and 13th place out of 82 in the country in my age group so it gives you an idea of how competitive my region is.  Xterra takes the top 10 in your region for Nationals and with only 3 weeks left of racing I'm going to get a spot for sure.  I moved up 2 spots with this last race but it feels a bit unearned since both women had races that they DNF'd and both had beaten me at other races so not quite the way I'd like to move up in the rankings but oh well.  I'm just happy enough to have my spot for Nat's.

Every Olympics I swear I'm not going to get sucked in.  The appalling coverage, the huge amount of commercials you have to sit through, the jingoism, the endless hours of beach volleyball and they're all doping anyway so what's the point?  But every Olympics I get sucked in anyway.  Except for the beach volleyball.  Mostly I've been falling asleep on the couch to it at night but I decided to watch the triathlon events on the replay/streaming and the Men's Triathlon turned out to be a special treat.  There were no commentators, just footage of the enitre event in all its glory with the occasional bits of close-up/slow motion shots, so cool, especially of the swim. You can hear the splashing on the swim, the crowds roaring during the bike and run and some occasional commentary when the race goes through the stadium but for the most part you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the race in its pure form.  Beautiful shots of London too as both the multiple bike and run laps show off the beauty of the city.

Olympic style/ITU triathlon isn't my favorite because they allow drafting and it becomes a completely different race but I enjoyed watching this.  Worth a look even if you don't care for triathlon just for the experience of seeing the Olympics without the non-stop chatter of an annoying commentator rattling in your brain.


  1. Those are great race photos!

    The triathlon was really fun to watch - and hopefully fun for those who didn't know the sport well! Those men and women really gassed themselves to make it to the line in front.

  2. Yeah, a 10K is like a sprint for those guys, they were moving crazy fast.