Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If you see a piece of lung out there on the course it's probably mine

Fun DOCNA trial this weekend.  Strummer finally got out of baby dog Jumpers with 2 clean runs, one at 6.82 yps, the other at 6.81 yps.  4 jumps in a straight line heading out of the course for one of those runs and I managed to keep up.  There was a box at the end so I had to keep up to keep him in a straight line and I don't know how but I did it.  So glad to be out of Starters Jumpers.  He's now in Advanced (Intern in DOCNA speak) in everything except the 2 games Trigility (a team relay) and Snakes and Ladders which I typically don't enter.  Lola picked up 2 more Jumpers Q's, a Standard Q and a Time Gamblers Q so we inch ever closer to her championship.  She needs 1 more Jumpers (easy), 3 more Standard (do-able) and, ahem, 6 more Gamblers.  Time Gamble is easy enough but Regular Gamblers that has a distance challenge is harder for her.  Maybe we'll get lucky with some easier-for-her ones in the future.

No video of the blazing Jumpers runs but I do have some video.  I'm working on it but I have an actual job interview later today so it'll probably be tomorrow at least until I get to it.  This is a second interview and I could have written a funny post about the first interview but I didn't think it was a good idea, at least until the interviewing process is over.  There are only 3 of us at this point and on the one hand that sounds like I have a good chance but on the other hand it's only 33.33% chance which doesn't sound as good.  I ponied up the money to have my hair done yesterday and spent a good bit of time preparing calculations and other info. that they asked me to bring to the interview.  Even reviewed some old college text books since they asked me that kind of thing and even gave me a written exam in the first interview.  It's a really good, interesting, stable job doing valuable work that's good for the community but it's down in Denver which is a not so nice commute but at this point it would be worth it.  Went to a meeting of a professional structural engineering group that I'm trying to join and everybody who still had work sat around moaning about how they have no work in sight for the future.  Scary.  Anyway, once it's behind me I'll get to the dog stuff.


  1. Hope the interview went (is going) well. Good luck. And congrats on those very fast jumpers runs. Aren't they a hoot to participate in!

  2. I don't even remember those jumpers runs they went by so fast. Poor leash runner couldn't even get to the finish line in time with my leash. I swear I blinked and it was done and I wasn't sure what happened.

    Interview went well. Apparently I'd done way better on my written test at the first interview than I thought I had. Nothing to do but wait to see what happens.