Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Silent and grey

A grey day out at the Rez today.  At least it didn't rain like they said it might.

Funny to think that I swim here in the summer.

The Trouble Twins didn't care, they kicked up their heels and had a grand old time.


Boulder gets a lot of sunshine, even in the winter so it's not typically the grim affair that I experienced when I lived in Chicago.  Still we seem to be having a spell of grim grey weather despite the warmish, mid 40 to high 50 degree temps. and the trails have been a mess for weeks and will continue to be for some time.  I was sure this snow at the Rez would be gone by the weekend but here we are at Wednesday and still it persists.

Strum says quit yer gripin' and throw the ball dammit.

The sun came out later today though so I can't complain.  And it's nice to be able to come to the Rez in winter.  I don't typically go when I'm working because it's too cold first thing in the morning before work and pitch black by the time I get there after work.

 They had one of those Polar Bear Swims here on New Years Day.  No I didn't go, I don't do that kind of crazy.  As you can see the water quickly froze over.  Can't imagine how they removed all that ice in the first place for the people to get in and 'swim'.  Crazy.

Yeah Strummer I see the ball, really I do.

Hard to get too glum about the weather with these two crazies to entertain me.

Finally got the #$%@ living room painted so I should be back to posting a bit more.  I've got a 1/2 day Stacy Peardot seminar on Friday so hopefully I'll have something interesting to report.


  1. I realize that dogs have fur coats built in, but still it's COLD out thre! How do they do it? (Maybe that's why they want the ball to be thrown all the time.)

  2. I feel your pain! I haven't been training in my back field for the snow and ice. Everytime I run on the South Boulder Creek trail, I return with mud-caked dogs... Can't wait for Spring.

  3. It wasn't that cold out there, I think it was in the 40's which is mild for my dogs. The other day at the Rez it was in the high 50's and they were panting in the heat.

    And yeah, I can't wait for the trails to thaw out. They even shut one of the local biking trails (Picture Rock) so that people don't trash it with riding in the mud. All this free time and no biking or agility-boo hiss.

  4. Pics of the newly painted living room, please!

  5. It's been so gray. Hate it. Sun otu today, though. Whoo hoo.