Thursday, January 07, 2010


I was planning on today being a rest day for the dogs since it was supposed to be in the teens.  But the Trouble Twins were going a little nutty.

Who us?

Do you see those lovely minty green walls?  Those are finally going to go.  Hopefully next week.  I don't care if I have to live with primer, it'll be a huge improvement.

It was 14 degrees outside but bright and sunny and no wind to speak of so I bundled up the dogs in coats and booties and threw on every last bit of fleece I could find as well as my Yax Trax and headed for the hills.

This better be worth it

Ready for action

Or maybe I'll stay home with my ball instead

Yesterday's walk was a nightmare as it was warm the day before causing a fair amount of snow melt then the temperature plummeted overnight along with crazy high winds and  roads and sidewalks that had been mostly clear for over a week were suddenly covered in black ice.  The first 2 miles were o.k. then it started to snow and a thin layer started to cover the ice and I nearly slipped and caught myself about a zillion times.  The last mile home was treacherous and I nearly made it but a block and a half from home I went down on a patch of black ice as I was trying to avoid a different  patch of black ice.  I came down hard on my elbow but I was fine, thankfully.

We had about 3" of snow in the end and I knew the trail was snow packed before the new snow fell so I figured if I kept to the trails today in my Yax Trax I'd have a better chance with the ice.  I picked a route that has a couple of short but steep hills and when we got to the top of the last one and turned back to go home Lola kicked up her heels in joy and took off running.  Unfortunately I was attached to her and the 3 of us ended up flying down the hill.  When we got to the bottom I was feeling good so our nice little walk/hike turned into a run.  I was wearing way too many clothes for running and was soaking wet when I got home despite the 14 degrees.  It's amazing how warm it can feel here when the sun is bashing away and the winds are calm.  I was warm before we even started running and had to keep taking my hat and mittens off and on.

It felt good to get a decent workout in when I was planning for a rest day and the dogs loved it.  I had wanted to go to the pool but I went yesterday and Holy News Years Resolution Batman I forgot about what a nightmare the Rec Center is the week after New Years.  Every year I forget about it until it's too late.  My master's lane was crammed full of 8 people (24 people attended a workout that normally attracts 18) and the locker room was scary crowded.  I was on the verge of a panic attack with all the people cheek to jowl and I couldn't face it again today.  I figured it would be too cold to go out so I had planned on a rest day.  Thanks to my crazy dogs I ended up having a decent workout on what turned out to be a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, bright blue skies, fresh beautiful sparkly snow and the trails nearly to ourselves, what more can you ask for?

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