Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lazy Holidaze

We all had a nice relaxing 4 day weekend.

Great Cody, now you've got Strummer yawning too.

Strum sez 'when exactly do you go back to work? I need my beauty sleep'.

Lola, of course, doesn't need beauty sleep but she'll steal a nap when she can nonetheless.

I was out at the training field in all kinds of crazy, freezing, windy, sofa king cold weather this past week. 16 degrees one day, -5 degrees wind chill and 20-30 mph winds another day. Stupid running contacts. Stupid trial coming up next weekend and old school dogs have had no practice for weeks and weeks. Stupid obsessive compulsive handler/trainer can't make herself sit still for 2 seconds. Stupid knee won't behave so I can't redirect excess energy to running, have to obsess about stupid running dogwalk instead. No it was a relaxing break, really.

I discovered that the trick to a successful dinner party is to fill your guests with wine right from the start. That way maybe they won't notice the horrible carpets or the smoke from the food that was burned 20 minutes prior to arrival (that was Jonny for once, not me. Well, I did burn a tray of potatoes but that was after Jonny caused the smoke detectors to go off) or that the placemats, plates and silverware don't match. For some reason the most we have of any one pattern of anything is 3. We lose plates and silverware like normal people lose socks in the dryer.

The only downside to this plan is if you've asked one of your guests to take stitches out of your head which is probably already an inappropriate thing to be asking your guests on Christmas night but I have the sort of friends who will argue over who gets to do it. No bathroom surgery went down though because the stitches were deemed too tight and I realized that too much pre-surgery wine had been consumed. I got them out myself with my Swiss Army knife the following morning. Jonny was duly impressed. I was happy that I didn't have to drive to Niwot and back (20-25 mins. ea. way) and sit around in the doctor's office on my day off and probably have to pay another $20 copay.

I've been enjoying my life of leisure, sleeping in, walking the dogs in daylight after the sun has warmed things up a bit, mid-day naps-what a luxury. Not looking forward to waking up early tomorrow and scuttling around in the dark with my headlamp and 9 million layers of clothes and dogs going crazy at the slightest thing because everything looks weird in the dark. It's supposed to be 58 degrees tomorrow too, I should steal just one more day but I know that I won't. Hope you all enjoyed your holidaze too.


  1. The dogs are so cute sleeping.

    Have a wonderful Happy New Year!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. The stitches thing with the swiss army knife is just way over the top. But I think that you were wise in preventing post-wine-consumption stitchery removal; you probably prefer keeping most parts of your scalp intact. Speaking of which--Why did you have stitches in your head?

  3. The story of the stitches is rather boring-no wild tale of being thrown from my mountain bike into a tree and being knocked unconscious and then my head nibbled on by a mountain lion. I had a biopsy done on a teensy weensy mole (came back negative as I thought it would, doctors are just trying to make money off of me I'm sure). There were only 2 stitches and they were teensy and very tight and close to the skin so they were hard to remove because I could barely see them to get the scissors underneath. I had 2 on my arm as well and those were even harder to get out. Had to use the itty bitty scissors on the Swiss Army knife, everything else I had was too big. Probably didn't do the most graceful job and there was a little bit of blood but it saved me a trip to the doctor.

  4. Crossing his arms seems like totally a Cody thing to do. What a cutie.

  5. Yes, he does it all the time, even when he jumps. One of his many nicknames is 'Mr. Crossy Paws'.