Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Yearzzzzzz

Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one staying in tonight. I do have a party to go to but last night Jonny and I decided not to go. We both get up early and a lot of stuff gets done in a day and we're both tired by the end of it and you want us to stay up how late? The party is way up in the mountains, about a 45 minute drive on dark, twisty mountain roads with the drunk people and various furry woodland creatures jumping out in front of you at the last possible moment to have a gander at your headlights. And the party is starting right about the time I usually start nodding off to sleep on the couch. Then there was the fiasco last year when Jonny got really really drunk and I was the designated driver which was fine except that he was the only one who knew how to get to the main road and we were driving around and around and around on icy skating rink mountain dirt roads in the pitch black, high winds drifting fresh snow onto the ice and no signs on any of the roads and way WAY past my bedtime and about -20 degrees outside on the freezing cold mountain. I was not happy and I was not shy about letting him know. He was lucky he was drunk and did not remember much of the not so nice things I had to say or the volume at which I said them.

So this year we'll be fighting the dogs for the couch and watching a movie and nodding off to sleep while our friends are only just starting to whoop it up. Can't even blame it on being old since many of them are older than us. Oh well, throw some confetti and make some noise at midnight for me, I'll be happily snoozing away.


  1. Nope, you're not the only one. After I spend the afternoon watching hockey on TV, I'm dashing out to get some sushi and then we'll be in for the night. And probably asleep by 10pm! Which means then awoken again when fireworks go off at midnight and 2 anxious beardies suddenly join us in the bed...

    Have a wonderful NYE celebrating your own way :)

  2. Now that sounds like my kind of New Years.

  3. Even if I hadn't managed to come up with a miserable cold (hack sniff sneeze), the nearest party I know about is about 45 minutes away by freeway, and the thought of driving home afterwards with all the post-celebration inebriants sharing the lanes doesn't thrill me. I, too, expect to be in bed by 10ish. Maybe I'll make myself some popcorn first. Cheers!


    Having a pawty hangover,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. You wild party people, up until 10:00 pm. I was out cold at 8:30.

  6. We walked across the road and up the mountain (in the wind) to have pizza and play cards with a bunch of kids (late teens, early 20s). Their parents hosted the no-alcohol party and invited us.

    It was actually pretty funny. But, around 10:30 pm, when they were looking for another game to play, we bowed out and came home. I was sound asleep by 11 pm, which is LATE for me.