Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rider Up

I wasn't go to let a little thing like stabbing knee pain keep me from my Sunday ride. I've got agility things planned for the next 4 weekends (how did that happen??!!) so I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to ride with Jonny and some friends at Centennial Cone. I love this trail because the scenery is gorgeous and the trail is about 90% rideable for me. The wildflowers were fantabulous and it was a beautiful day. My knee held up until the last 20 minutes or so of a 2 hour ride and it only screamed a bit so there was no need for a dramatic rescue. Normally the trail can be done as a loop but part of the trail was closed due to migrating elk so we had to do an out and back. This was fine with me because I thought the full 12 mile/2 hour or so loop might have been too much but as it turned out I did close to that anyway because of where we turned around. Luckily Jeanne had the sense to suggest turning around or I would have kept going until my knee hurt then had to ride all the way back. I get caught up in the beauty of the trail and it's often hard for me to have the sense to turn around before I get tired. I'm kind of stupid that way.

Here's a picture of my friend Jeanne kicking butt on the trail:

There were lots of places I wanted to stop for photos but it's tough when you're riding with a group, especially when you're bringing up the rear.

My knee wasn't horribly sore for the rest of the day but it wasn't great either so I've not been running this week and trying to cut down on the walking. It's hard with the dogs though, they need their morning walkies and running is such a good way to keep them in shape. I feel bad not being able to take them. But I've got an agility workshop this weekend with Stacy Peardot then a trial in UT the weekend after that then the Susan Garrett seminar (no running at the one, phew) then Regionals so I need my knee not to give out on me right now thankyouverymuch. My worry is that there's another cyst developing in my bad knee which is on the same leg as my bad foot and it's being brought on by my walking/running funny due to my foot being sore. I've not been doing nearly enough exercise for this to be an overuse type injury. I looked up the number of the doctor that did my knee surgery but I was nauseous at the thought of calling him so I'm going to try resting for the week and if it's still sore after the weekend then I'll call. If it's another cyst and I need another surgery I will have a complete mental breakdown. I'm thinking that maybe the offroad triathlon in August is not a great plan but we'll see.


  1. Roxanne8:50 PM

    You should have called!!! You do recall that my house is right near Centennial Cone? hmmmm?

    It *is* a great place to ride and hike. And, since they alternate riding and hiking days on the weekends, you can do either without drama.

    Lilly and I usually hike back there during the week, though, so we have to watch out for bikes (and rattle snakes, mt. lions, coyotes, elk and bear). There have been notes flying around the valley all week with bear sightings.

    I'll send all the no-surgery MOJO I can muster. You've been through enough.

  2. Oh darn, I knew you were up that canyon but didn't know exactly where you were at. It's a big canyon. I don't have your number either. I'm negotiating some time off work without pay so maybe I can get up there during the week sometime. If you email me your number maybe we can ride sometime. Otherwise it will be July before I can make it up there again on a weekend. I have Sunday free but it's a hiker day.

    Centennail Cone looks like prime mountain lion territory, that's what I would be worried about riding alone during the week.