Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rest Day

It's not often that you wake up to rain in Boulder and on the rare occasion that it happens I'll usually pile on the Gore-tex and take the dogs for their morning romp anyway. I'll have the trails to myself and snicker to myself about at all the pathetic wimpy Boulderites who can't handle a widdle rain. Well this morning I was one of the pathetic, for some reason I couldn't bear the thought of smelling wet stinky dog in my office all day. Of course I could have left one dog home but man I was in a lazy mood and decided everyone was getting a rest day, including me. My foot is worse on damp rainy days, yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

It's fun to have a cold rainy day every once in a while. It's a good excuse to go down to the coffee shop for a mocha and give the canine/human brain & body a rest from training. Tomorrow though it's back to business.


  1. Roxanne1:19 PM

    It's been pouring nearly nonstop since last night at our house too. Crazy! It's not usually like this here (for those not familiar with CO weather). At least it's NOT snow.

    We're staying in too. I'm usually a hearty mountain girl, but "winter" which started eons ago feels like it won't end. Brrrr... I'm much more willing to soldier on earlier in the season. Now, I'm just annoyed (and cold).

  2. Our secretary, who lives in a suburb of Boulder, just came in and said she got so much rain that there are ducks on her street.

    The central mountains/Vail Valley are supposed to get snow today, at least for us it's just rain.

    Sometimes it's so hard to go out in the bad weather when you know it will be dry & sunny tomorrow.