Friday, October 26, 2007

Nationals Schedule

Here's my schedule for Nationals this year. I'm posting it more for myself so I can reference it later if I lose my hard copies but maybe someone somewhere is interested in what a typical day looks like.


12:30 pm Walk – Ring #2, Grand Prix Classic

3:46 p.m. Run (P12, 12, P16, 16, P22, 22, 26) (85 dogs)


7:00-7:10 a.m. Walk – Ring #4, Team Snooker
7:28-7:38 a.m. Walk – Ring #6, Team Jumpers
8:10-8:20 a.m. Walk – Ring #2, Grand Prix Quarterfinals

9:00-10:20 a.m. Run – Ring #4, Team Snooker (P22, P16, P12, C12, C26) (78 dogs)
11:00-12:30 a.m. Run – Ring #6, Team Jumpers (C26, P12, C12, P16, P22) (78 dogs)
12:35-2:15 p.m. Run – Ring #2, Grand Prix Quarterfinals (P8, P12, P16, P22) (42 dogs)


7:28-7:38 a.m. Walk – Ring #6, Speed Jumping Semifinals
**7:56-8:06 a.m. Walk – Ring #2 (verify) Grand Prix Semifinals
8:10-8:20 a.m. Walk – Ring #3, Team Standard

**11:05-11:55 a.m. Run – Ring #2 (verify), Grand Prix Semifinals (P8, P22, 22)
2:00-3:25 p.m. Run – Ring #3, Team Standard (P16, P12, C12, P22, 26) (78 dogs)
3:30-4:10 p.m. Run – Ring #6, Speed Jumping Semifinals (C22, P8, P22) (30 dogs)


8:38-8:48 a.m. Walk – Ring #5, Team Gamblers

2:55-? p.m. Run – Ring #5, Team Gamblers (P22, P16, C16) (71 dogs)


7:30-7:40 a.m. Walk - Ring #2, Steeplechase Classic

9:15-11:30 a.m. Run – Ring #2, Steeplechase Classic (P12, 12, P22, 22, P8) (65 dogs)

**if we qualify

Kennel Space #K12

The gibberish in parenthesis is the run order for the heights (mine is P22). I'm in rotation C with a lot of other Colorado folks which is nice. One of my teammates is in my rotation but the other is a different height and in a different rotation. It will be hard to watch my teammate's runs though because I'm running 2 dogs in the same height in team and it's a looooooong way back to the kenneling tents plus I really need to be totally focused on whatever dog I'm about to run, esp. in that highly charged atmosphere, so nobody shuts down on me.

This may be my last chance to post for a while, I'm squeezing in one last agility practice tomorrow morning then a bike ride with the girls plus packing, packing and more packing. I'm going to try to post during Nationals, hopefully some video and photos but I can't promise how good I'll be about it. Last year I started out o.k. but after a day or two found it difficult to come home and post after watching the finals events at night. I was too tired and wanted to go to get some good sleep for the next morning. I'm planning on watching the Perf. Grand Prix on Thursday night and Speed Jumping/Steeplechase Finals Friday night but I'm not hanging around on Sunday for the Champ. Grand Prix Finals. I really didn't enjoy it all that much last year and I'd rather hit the road for home as early as possible.

We're planning on spending a couple of days hiking in Sedona before Nationals and hopefully a little detour to Petrified National Forest on the drive in so it feels more like a vacation. I'll have my bike this time so I should be able to get around a lot easier and won't get so tired. The kennel space will be nice too, I'm one space away from a fellow Coloradoan and Lola's teammate that helped us qualify this year. She wanted to be on a team together for Nationals which would have been very cool but she asked me after I'd already committed to other teammates.

My teams are 'Cody Sees Stars' (Cody and a BC called Star) and 'Lola Blasts Off' (Lola and a Golden Retriever called Blast). My teammates came up with the names, my options were pretty bad. My favorite team name was 'Lo's Not The Moss Of Me' (Lola & Moss) from last year's Nationals. Don't ask me how I ever thought of that one and I thought my teammate came up with better options but she liked that one and I didn't care. I never met Cody's teammate from last year which was kind of a bummer. We tried to get together but kept playing cell phone tag and never managed to meet up. I know both my teammate's this year but not well. In fact I don't know very many people who are going to Nationals this year. Only one person from Biscuit Eaters is going that I know of. Oh well, it'll be fun anyway.

Good luck to everyone who's going! And if you see a short, blondish, harried looking woman with a crazy brindle mutt or enormous, long legged red & white BC say hello by all means.


  1. Good luck!!!

    Any chance this will be on ESPN2? :)

  2. I don't know about t.v. coverage. They had t.v. crews there last year but I don't know where the footage ended up being aired. I'm guessing it was just on the local news. They used to show USDAA Regionals and Nationals on Animal Planet but there was some sort of falling out between them so now they only show AKC events.

  3. Cool, this might make it easier to track you down and say Hi. Best of luck! Drive carefully. Your pre-trial vacation sounds absolutely lovely.


  4. Good luck to you and your gang!