Thursday, December 21, 2006


The sun came out and the main roads were clear at 2:30 so I headed over to North Boulder Park for some cross country skiing. I haven't been on skis since my knee surgery last Feb. so I only went out for 35-40 minutes but it felt great. The Boulder Nordic Club grooms trails around the park for the skate skiiers and there were 2 sets of tracks for the Nordic skiers (that would be me). I was surely the biggest dork in the park, stopping after one lap to wax my skis at the side of the street. This is my first pair of skis that require waxing and I have no idea what I'm doing or when I need to do it but the skis didn't feel 'grippy' enough so I figured it couldn't hurt. I think the problem was that the snow was a little icy, yeah that's it, nothing to do with my crappy form. I heard people griping about the trail conditions but I thought they were fine. Sheesh, how many cities have groomed Nordic trails you can ski on for free right near the heart of town?? Boulderites are so spoiled. Back to work tomorrow, ugh.

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