Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Bloody Thursday

The cold snow/ice that won't seem to leave has been wreaking havoc on the dogs' feet and today Strummer finally tore a nail on our early morning walk. I noticed some blood on his foot about a mile from home but couldn't do much about it and since it wasn't gushing I didn't worry too much about it. When we got home he went tearing around the icy yard in his regular post walk state of demonic possesion and I had completely forgotten about the bloody paw. I rushed him in the house so he wouldn't hurt himself or Lola only to find him leaving a trail of blood all over the house. Trouble was he was still flying around at warp speed and was completely out of his mind. I called him to me and he came flying full bore like a freight train into my shins, then kept on going for several laps all over the house, blood flying everywhere. It looked like Freddy Kreuger had been fingerpainting on my floors. It didn't take too long to get him under control, clean up the paw and put him in his crate but yeesh, what a mess. Somehow the blood managed to come out of the carpets, probably because I caught it right away, but it seemed like I was on my knees scrubbing forever and it was not the sort of thing I wanted to be doing before a full day of work.

On a more positive note I went running with Cody at lunch time and managed 15 minutes total pain free running doing a 3 min run/1 min walk pattern. I was up to 21 minutes total last week but I was trashed after that and decided to scale back a bit, esp. since my poor quads have only just recovered from last weekend. I went on a dirt/gravel path that circles a soccer field by my work which was booooring but I was able to let Cody off lead and didn't have to worry about making pit stops for him. He was SO happy, flying around full speed with ears pinned back and a big stupid grin on his face. He looked so fit and fast for an 8 1/2 year old dog.

Hopefully the snow will finally be gone this weekend so we can practice some agility and I can hit the trails on my bike.

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