Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I was stunned and amazed to arrive at the Camplex at 6:50 this a.m. to find the courses set up already and people walking them. I walked my Jumpers course and quickly warmed up the dogs because Lola was early in the running order and Cody wasn't long after her. The course was easy but I still managed to get refusals with each dog on different parts of the course. I got them back on course with no off courses though so we were clean but almost certainly over time. It's hard enough for the big dogs to Q these days with a nice, tight run and the slightest bobble puts you over for sure. But the agility gods giveth and taketh away and today they gaveth because the woman who heads NADAC decided to give Q's to all the clean runs regardless of course time so I got a couple gimme's. This means Lola Q'ed in 4/4 of her Champs runs and Cody in 3/4, a record qualifying rate all around. Cody ran clean in the team relay today too sort of. He ran the course clean but left the starting box before our teammate was done with her portion. I got him back in the box and we started properly but I'm not sure if they charge faults for that. If nothing else we wasted a bit of precious time. The course was the simplest thing I've ever seen, just a U-shaped run of obstacles, no handling or change of side at all. Cody hit his dogwalk contact and nailed his weave pole entry (and didn't pop out, yay) so that was something to be happy about.

I hung around the Camplex today to watch some of the standard runs and yack with the crazy dog people. I left at around 5:00 pm and I'm not sure if they'd even started the second round of standard. It's been taking them around 4 1/2-5 hours to get through the standard runs so those poor people are looking at another super late night. I heard they finished at 9:30 last night and hadn't even gotten to the last scheduled event. They ended up running it first thing in the morning concurrently with Jumpers so that's probably why they were starting so early this morning.

Tomorrow is the last day and the only event I have is Team with Cody. It's been fun but I'm so ready to go home. I'm tempted to go back to Devil's Tower before my run and do the little hike around the base since the weather's supposed to be nicer but I'm afraid I'll be too tired to drive home. It'll take me 5 hours or so with stops, I'm not sure I want to add another 2 hours of driving to the day. Also, they're having their 100th year celebration and I'm afraid the park will be crowded. We'll see how it goes.

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