Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To Hell U Ride

I really really needed a little break so we took Lola & Cody to Telluride for a long weekend of hiking and sitting on our asses. Saturday we hiked in the Lizard Head Wilderness area and made it up to the Lizard Head rock formation right when the skies started to look evil so we turned around after a mere hour and a half. However, it was crazy steep most of the way so by the time we got back to the car it felt like plenty and the thunderstorms started so we didn't have much choice. That area is above treeline at over 12,000 feet and very exposed so getting stuck in lightning up there is no joke. The pictures are of Lizard Head and the San Miguel mountains.

Sunday we hiked just outside the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness Area on a trail that looked fairly level on the map but ended up having some terribly steep parts as well. It was mostly wooded and at a much lower elevation (8000-9000 feet or so) but was still a challenging 3 hour hike and I was gimping a bit by the end of it but I didn't care. The Ouray/Telluride area is one of my favorite places and I'm just happy to be out hiking in it. Too bad houses in Telluride start at over a million dollars, it's in such a beautiful area.

The dogs had a blast running off leash in the woods but Lola started getting a little out of hand so we had to leash her up after a while. She runs around like a maniac with little regard to her own safety and gets a crazy, wild look in her eye as her prey drive takes over and her brain goes into overload. We left Strummer at home with a friend who's starting a dog/house sitting service and he had so much fun we got no greeting at all when we came home and he was up on his hind legs staring out the window at her all sad when she left. She took him up to her house in the mountains with her cattle dog and her brother's cattle dog and they all had a blast swimming, hiking and playing with each other. He was flat out exhausted when we got home. What a spoiled pup.

Back to reality for me but Boulder is hardly a terrible place to come home to.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I miss that blue blue sky.