Monday, August 07, 2006

I Don't Know Why

but this story cracks me up: Teddy Mauler

Stupid rich people.

'Long' run on Sat.-a whopping 1.2 miles straight with no knee pain and only a little niggling from the accident pains. This was also the first time I'd run 3 days in a row. Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

Last week's bike ride in Winter Park was fabulous. I made it up the challenging Tipperary Creek trail and was able to ride loads of places on the other trails that I'd had to get off and walk last June. Still had to get off and walk up some steep parts of a trail called Chainsaw but I'm sure by fall I'll be able to ride that too. This Sunday I went for a ride on the 'easy' trails in Boulder Valley ranch area. Nothing too dramatic but I didn't feel like driving anywhere and I know the next 3 weekends will be busy and hectic so I wanted to stay close to home and relax some.

Had private agility lesson with Steve Frick a week ago Friday and enjoyed it so much I signed up for a working spot at his seminar on Sunday. Learned a lot about front & rear crosses and timing and he gave me some good drills to work on weave pole entrances. He was big on not using too many verbal directionals on course because he feels it teaches the dog to stop watching you for direction. I practiced some of the exercises from the seminar over the weekend and think they'll help a lot, esp. with my timing. I'll scan the maps for them and post later if/when I ever get any time.

I'm currently scanning my old punk rock photos for someone from Chicago who's writing a book and keeps a website of her own photos. She's got the ones I've sent her posted already: photos Hopefully I'll get some more scanned this week. Phew, what a trip down memory lane those photos are.

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