Friday, May 12, 2006

Too Much Fun

and not enough time. Had a NADAC trial last weekend, a USDAA trial tomorrow and another USDAA trial next weekend. Phew! Here's a link to some pictures from last weekend:

The trial went o.k., I was hoping for a few more Q's, those stupid NADAC courses are so easy yet somehow we managed to screw up every single standard run. Cody had some nice runs in Elite Jumpers, placing 2nd by a hair and 3rd with Q's. He also picked up a Q in Elite Tunnelers. Lola picked up 2 Q's in Novice Weavers, one of them blazing fast and good enough for 2nd place in a huge class of 26 dogs. She also picked up an Open Tunnelers Q but missed the second one at the last tunnel. Seems I got a little overexcited, rushed the entrance and sent her in the wrong end, doh. It would have been her title and qualified her for nationals in Tunnelers. Have to try to pick up that last Q somehow before the deadline.

I have a lot of contempt for the NADAC organization but the courses are fun for the dogs and in the end it's all agility so I continue to sign up for them. But I wonder if my bad attitude carries into the ring a bit and causes me to make silly mistakes. Must try to put aside my lack of respect for the venue and focus on the course.

On a completely unrelated note, when I was in Chicago driving past the Chicago Historical Society I was reminded of an old friend of mine who took me on a tour of odd places in Chicago before I left 15 years ago. This friend moved to Thailand and I haven't been in contact for nearly 10 years. I meant to try to look him up when I got home but got too busy. A week later I came into work and found an email from him. He'd somehow found me and is in Colorado for a few weeks! Too weird but very cool, we'll meet up in a week or so. In the meantime, blog entries might be sparse. Those agility trials knock me out and make me play catch up all week long. Oh well, who wants to be on their death bed looking back on their life and seeing only a clean house and nice yard anyway?


  1. ...London Calling

    Hi Elayne
    I was driving to work the other day and 'That's Entertainment' shuffled its way out of my i-Pod. An old friend rediscovered, and such great lyrics. Here's to hot summer days and sticky black tarmac, coming up right ahead.

    That track reminded me to check how you're doing. Sorry to see that you're still not quite up and about yet, but hope that you'll be back out on the mountain trails soon. In the meantime, you have my full encouragement to scream blue murder at anyone who waves to you from the highway.

    Kind regards

  2. Thanks Nigel, great to hear from you! When I get a chance I'll have to go over to the TP boards to see if you still have a blog over there. I never go there anymore unless I have a reason.

    Hope you're doing well and running strong!