Thursday, April 27, 2006

Geezer's Night Out

Saw Alkaline Trio with Against Me at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver last night. Was up WAY past my bedtime on a weeknight and still a bit tired from my trip to Chicago but it was fun. Only caught 15-20 minutes of opening band Against Me which was a shame because they were surprisingly good. Unfortunately I was unprepared for the bad parking situation and long lines to pick up my tickets and then get into the venue so I misjudged how early we needed to leave the house.

Alkaline Trio were amazing, however the sound was not. In fact, it was atrocious which was frustrating after seeing them at the Fox theater in Boulder where the sound is awesome. The Fox is a lot more intimate too-700 person capacity compared to 3600 at the Fillmore. That show a year or so ago was so perfect and special, it just wasn't going to be replicated last night but still it's hard to have a bad time at an ALK TRIO show, they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen and the enthusiasm of their fans is legendary. There is no guitar player more talented than Matt Skiba walking the planet, trust me on this one. They jumped around the stage for an hour and 35 minutes straight making me wonder how that compares to marathon training.

I was easily the oldest person there. When I handed my i.d. to the woman passing out 'over 21' wristbands she laughed and said, 'Now remember, no crowd surfing!'. It was great to get out and see some bands though, despite the snarky bouncers and lack of sleep.


  1. So..... did you obey or did you do some crowd surfing?
    Cool pictures below- I am amazed when I watch those competitions.

  2. Funny Alan. My eyes were drifting shut at 9:00 before they started playing, I'm just happy they didn't make me sit in a special geezer section.

  3. Heh. Yeah, I pick my shows very carefully these days -- I'd better REALLY want to go because I just can't stay awake and alert until 2am like I used to.

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