Friday, February 17, 2006

Spare Us the Cutter

First off, thanks to all who wished me well both publicly and privately. Even though I knew I shouldn't, it was hard not to get panicky and stressed out as the surgery date approached.

I'll spare you all the gory details of my surgery. I nearly had a client of mine puking on the phone so I don't think I'll go into it anymore. In short, they took out the cyst which the surgeon described as 'enormous'. There was NO meniscus tear and the cartilage damage behind my patella was not nearly as bad as he thought it would be so finally some good news. I haven't had any knee pain to speak of and I can walk slowly, each day seems to be a big improvement from the day before. I went for a spinal instead of general anesthesia and so far I'm glad for that though I have been having some headaches/VERY mild nausea which are normal side effects, supposedly. I'm o.k. when I lie down but working at the computer brings them on so I've been trying not to spend too much non-work time on the box. They seem to be diminishing so hopefully I'll soon be done with that. It's pretty amazing to think I could go through all that and have so little pain. I took one Vicodyn the night of the surgery as a precaution in case the pain hit while I was sleeping but I didn't really need it. Sheesh, I've felt WAY worse after a marathon or even a long training run. Sort of makes you want to rethink your hobbies sometimes.

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