Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cease & Decyst

I can't ever have normal things wrong with me. Turns out I have an enormous cyst on my knee, probably a result of bearing all my weight on that leg for so long while recovering but could be from something else. There's probably a meniscus tear too, apparently the two often go hand in hand, but the cyst is so big it's blocking the view of the meniscus. So the doctor strongly suggested surgery, said that's what she'd do if it was her knee. The other option is to have it drained by having a huge needle stuck in my knee but she didn't recommend it and to be honest I wasn't thrilled with that visual. On the plus side (if there is one here) they're going to squish me into the surgery schedule so I can go in next Monday and hopefully be recovered enough for my agility trial 2 weeks later.

I have to admit, I'm a little freaked out. The doctor assured me it's no big deal but I've never had surgery before. I don't do well on pain med's. and I'm SICK of being in recovery mode. I was so sure the MRI was going to rule OUT surgery not tell me I needed it for sure. I suppose it's not really a big deal, I should just put on my big girls pants and deal with it. And Jonny has assured me that there's lots of ice cream involved in knee surgery recovery.


  1. Aw crap. Sorry to hear about the surgery. But "big girl pants" still made me laugh.

  2. Oh man, bummer. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  3. Rest up and heal. Surely you're due some healthy days soon.