Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Set Your Goals

I'm finally feeling good enough about running to think about setting some race goals. Right now I can run almost 3 miles somewhat fairly comfortably and consistently. I'm thinking of shooting for the Canine Classic 5k at the Boulder Rez in April. I signed up for this last year and was taken out by my accident a week or two before so I thought it would be somewhat fitting. Also, it's become somewhat of a tradition for Lola & me to run it together. A 5k in April doesn't sound like such a lofty goal but I'm going to try to run it under 29:00 so I can get a qualifying time for a seeded wave in the Bolder Boulder 10k which I think might be my next goal race after that. I'm not really big on 5k's and I hate 10k's but I like doing the doggie races and every couple years I do the Bolder Boulder just because. Really what I'm shooting for is being able to do an Olympic distance tri by July/August and the running will be my limiting factor so having little goal races to keep me motivated will get me more organized and focused about my running. Maybe I'll even think about a fall half marathon but I'll just have to play that by ear.

Agility wise I really want to qualify for the USDAA Regionals which will be in Denver this year over July 4th weekend. This is very doable but I don't want to get too wound up about it and put too much pressure on the dogs. Even if we don't qualify for the tournament events we can still enter the regular classes and watch all the top handlers that will come from around the country to participate so I'm pretty excited about it one way or the other.

Strummer is finally settling in a bit though he's a handful. I think I'm suffering from some yet unnamed form of madness to take on a hyper 8 month old Border Collie as a third dog in the middle of winter. That said, I'm off to obedience class with him. Too bad he's smarter than me.

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  1. Apropos nothing, there was a piece in Slate yesterday re. the uber-terribleness humans have visited upon dogs.

    Hope your training, with and w/o the pups, goes well!