Thursday, December 08, 2005

-4 degrees

It was -4 degrees this morning and my yard is full of snow. You know that tv show on Animal Planet-America's Funniest Animals' (or something like that) where people send in videos of their dogs chasing laser pens or their cats boxing w/ themselves in the mirror and they get $100? If I'd had the video camera out this a.m. and if they accepted multiple entries I could have made enough to retire. Or cover a nice extended stay at the mental institution of my choice, which is what I'm going to need if the temps. don't go up so I can take these crazed, hyper dogs out to really RUN.

I think Strummer really needs to live on a ranch w/ some sheep. Lola sez I ain't no steenkin' piece of mutton so quit trying to herd me and Cody will have none of his nonsense at all. I'm going to try to have him herd tested. Like I need another dog sport to aggravate myself with.


  1. Yep. It went into the 40's at lunch time yesterday and felt like the middle of summer. It's pretty unusual to get that cold here and it usually doesn't last very long. No big deal unless you have a hyper BC puppy (and 2 others) to deal with.