Friday, October 21, 2005

Wrap it up, I'll take it

Lots of training this week on both the tri and agility fronts, so much in fact that I haven't been able to keep up with logging it.

Tri Training

Running is still going poorly so I cut down on it this week. Somehow though between Monday morning and Tuesday night I managed to squeeze in 5 workouts on top of the agility training.

1 1/2 mile run 1/2 mile walk in the a.m. with both dogs.
Bike ride at lunch time on the Teller Farm trail (about 40-45 minutes)
Circuit training class (first one)

2 mile walk around Wonderland Lake in the a.m. with both dogs.
Masters practice in the p.m. I managed almost the entire class with the exception of a final 100 yard kick. I was tired and don't like kicking anyway. Total yardage was around 2000-2100, time was 1:10 hours. We did some more butterfly drills but these weren't as helpful as last practice. I was able to keep up with the intervals though I had to pull (no paddles) on some of the sets to keep up but that's o.k. for now. I was pretty sore in the shoulders from the circuit training.

1 mile walk with both dogs. It was raining so I made it quick.

2 mile walk with a tiny bit of jogging around Wonderland Lake with both dogs in the a.m.
Masters in the pm. I only managed 45 minutes, approx. 1800-1900 yards because my back started hurting. This is from using my mouse at a bad angle at work. I'll have to get a new tray for my keyboard since my current one is broken and that's what's causing the problem.

1 mile run, 1 mile walk with Lola only in the a.m. (Wond. Lake again, yes I'm in a rut but it's such a beautiful trail. The deer were out again this morning)


Went to a fun match at Power Pups training center in Windsor last Sat. and had a great time all the way around. Fun matches, unlike trials, allow you to bring toys and treats into the ring so it's a wonderful training opportunity. On top of it, a guy who videotapes people's runs at trails (for a fee of course) was there to tape the runs and there was some kind of fancy software called Dartfish that he was using as well. It does a few things and I chose the option of having my runs side by side on one screen. I still haven't gotten my DVD yet and I'm interested in seeing how it'll turn out. All this taping and the facility were donated since all proceeds from the match went to a local group dealing with Katrina rescues animals. It was a bargain too, $20 for 3 runs which is good even without the taping. The facility was beautiful too, outdoors on grass, lots of room to crate and warm up and beautiful views of the Divide.

There were novice and masters (hardest level) courses to choose from and we went with the masters course. As luck would have it it started out with 3 jumps then a wrap to the teeter so we got to practice the moves we were working on last week in a sort of trial situation. Cody did great, not as tight of a wrap as he's capable of but much tighter than he'd done in his last trial where there was a wrap. In fact both Cody's runs (I opted to do only 2) were fantastic. He was a bit stressed at the start line as usual but once he realized he was getting treats he perked right up. I need to do more fun matches with him so I can reward that start line and try to destress it for him. Both runs were very focused, no missed contacts, one off course in the first run that was my fault and the second run was perfect. It'll be interesting to see the DVD to see if it looked as good as it felt. I ran into an agility friend who was at the match while on my bike ride on Tues. and she said Cody looked wonderful so I think he did as well as I thought.

Lola was still a bit stressed but she had only a few distracted moments, one at the wrap on the first run and again at the table on her second run but otherwise she was perfect, nice and focused no missed contacts, one off course at the same place I sent Cody off, again my fault. I was really pleased with both dogs.

I took Lola to Biscuit Eaters at lunch time. It was pretty warm, near 80 and sunny, so she really wasn't too keen. She ran off at first to look for bunnies along the fence line and it took me way too long to get her back interested in me. Joy (who teaches at B.E.) was setting up a course but she wasn't done yet so we just went over the dog walk and A-frame once (perfect contacts) and did some serpentines/threadles which Lola like and is very good at. I wanted to work more on her enthusiasm rather than skills since she wasn't into it at first. I got her barking and happy after a few serpentines/threadles and then we left.

Cody only at B.E. at lunch and after work. At lunch time I finally got to try to course Joy set up yesterday. It was tight and trappy so I was eager to see how Cody would do. I walked the course a few times, he ran it perfectly the first time through (with a few stops for rewards) and I ended the session while he was still excited and ready to do more.

We went back on the way home and ran the course again. This time he was a little more distracted since it was dusk and the bunnies were EVERYWHERE. But he still did a good job despite the distractions. We stopped after the one run.

I've yet to take Lola to agilty but we were working on heeling/not pulling on lead at lunch time. I'm teaching her to target (touch) my hand with her nose while in heel position. She seemed pretty excited by this game so I'm going to keep at it. We were doing this on our walk this a.m. too and she seemed to like it.


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