Thursday, January 04, 2018

Waste Of Time, Sitting Still

I somehow managed to put my back out on Friday and spent the few days before and after New Year's mostly lying on top of a heating pad with walks interspersed here and there.  The spasm finally started to let up enough in the past couple of days to let me go to agility class and take more frequent and longer walks.  Being sedentary is really bad for a back spasm (and my sanity and motivation) but so is fighting through the pain so I've been working my way through it the best that I know how.  Probably should have headed to the Rec Center to use the sauna or had a good hot bath with Epsom salts but it's only been a day or so that I've had enough mobility to drive.  I'll hit up the Rec Center tomorrow, maybe even swim a bit of the masters workout if I feel o.k. but of course not fast.

I think it was a combination of shoveling snow then shoveling again a few days later then a weight workout and then finally a masters swim workout that had a sprint set of kicking with a kickboard that finally broke the camel's back.  The few days of bitter cold didn't help either.  Thankfully the sun is out and we're back to normal winter and I'm hoping I'll be completely back to normal activity by next week.  Should probably hit up the chiropractor, I haven't been in about 6-8 months or so and that's not helping either.  Insurance doesn't pay for it anymore and the schlep out to Louisville has become more and more irritating as traffic grows ever worse.

I should probably have a nice long list of goals for the year and I do have some but hmmm, I'm feeling uncharacteristically unmotivated.  The big goal would be to get a new place but that's not something I can completely control.  Other than deciding to make some compromises which I'm only a little bit willing to do.  The one compromise I feel comfortable with, though not happy about, is being open to a larger house.  We accidentally looked at a place that was almost perfect - 14 acres, a decent location and reasonable distance from neighbors, awesome water rights plus a pond and a creek running through the property.  A huge outbuilding.  The house was super nice and even had a sauna, but . . . 4200 square feet!!!  Crazy.  There was just no way.  The price was good too but no.  Neither of us could wrap our heads around the size of it.  But we may have to consider places up to 3000 square feet when 1400-1700 would be perfect.  I hate big houses, they cost a fortune to heat and insure and who wants to clean all that when it's only 2 people?  No thanks.  But unfortunately it seems like the larger pieces of land in the better locations with good water rights have big houses on them.  Makes sense I guess, the richer people would own the bigger, better plots of land and the rich do like their big trophy houses.  I'm optimistic though that this spring will be it, the right place will come along.  This works out better for the guy who wants to buy our house so I'm feeling like it's all going to come together this spring.

So once again it's difficult to come up with goals with so much uncertainty.  But recently I heard someone say, 'Don't wish your life away', to a 7 months pregnant woman who was living for the day the baby would finally be here.  And this is good advice, even for such a woman.  What's that other saying, 'Every day is a gift that you can't give back' or something?  Was an REI commercial I think, or some sportswear company.  Because, you know, t.v. commercials provide the best life philosophies.  But in this case it wrings true, at least for me right here, right now.  I don't want to take another year off of everything in anticipation of maybe moving.  So I suppose now that the haze of back spasm pain is mostly lifted I should come up with some sorta goals, or at least a sorta plan for the year that's flexible enough to accommodate a possible move.  Yeah, I'll let you know when I figure that out.

In the meantime I'll continue with agility foundation class.  It's still too early in the process to set a goal for trialing.  And I have the problem of I'm not sure if Tess will be able to trial and Ruby, well, Ruby can't do USDAA because even in Performance she'd have to jump 12" and that's just too high for her.  She can jump 8" in DOCNA but ugh, DOCNA.  I could almost put up with the boring courses but one of the owner's of DOCNA felt empowered by the current political climate to start posting racist bullshit on Facebook.  And I have a zero tolerance policy of racist bullshit.  I figured out how to turn it off my Facebook but ugh, I'm not sure I can hand money over to them now.  So I might be through with DOCNA for keeps.  AKC is also out of the question.  I don't think I can go back to NADAC with the super boring courses and weird rules and equipment standards.  I live in hope of UKI.  Or maybe screw trialing, so expensive anyway.  But maybe I can come up with some smaller specific goals.

I'm also not sure about going back to triathlon racing.  On the one hand, having a race on the calendar forces me into more formal training.  On the other hand, meh, maybe I'm happy enough doing my own stuff and can muster some discipline to be a little more organized and do a bit more than I did last year.  I like having goals though.  But I'm bored with all the local races.  Hmmm, maybe I'll plan on being fit for racing but keep the schedule open and travel last minute to an out of town race as my schedule permits (or doesn't).  I don't know, these 'goals' seem flaky and I hate flaky.

Think I'll go play with the dogs a bit then fire up the heating pad again and have another think on it.

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