Monday, May 29, 2017

More Puppy Photos and some Hiking

Because the internetz needs more puppy photos these days.

Please play with me.



Oh, okay already.  Happy now?

Yes, thanks.

She's getting so big.  These photos are from 4 days ago and already she seems way huger.  Will have to get more photos.

She's finally walking like a normal dog - leaving the yard no problem and finally finally not pulling my arm off for home.  She's discovered that walking by my side for tasty treats and sniffing all the sniffs out there is way more fun.

Still rockin' the ears.

She met some more new dogs this past week, an Aussie, another Border, a Golden and a Boxer.  All of them very calm and happy enough to leave her alone.  We started off on a walk with just the Aussie who is old and very calm then added the other dogs then went in my friend's yard with all the dogs off leash.  She wasn't thrilled but she managed o.k. and I didn't bring Ruby, mostly because I don't want to subject Ruby to all of that.  Poor girl, she's been so awesome with the puppy and disruption to her quiet life.  I did take Ruby along with Tess to my training partner's for another visit with her poodles.  She did great this time, my friend was pleased to see her running around and sniffing the other dogs.  Ruby's o.k. with this, she walks with these dogs all the time and she's happy to have a big new yard to run around and sniff in.  Tess was still a little nervous but at least she was running around and not hiding behind me and did engage a bit with the other dogs.  She's getting there.

Took Ruby for a hike up in the high country yesterday.  She deserved some puppy free time.  Tess is still too young to go hiking.  We didn't go very far, up Boulder Canyon to Nederland on some unmarked trails that we mostly had to ourselves on a busy holiday weekend.  Unfortunately the more remote trails were under water so we had to turn around sooner than we wanted.  We did have to go on some marked, more popular trails that had turned into crazyland by the time we made our way back to the car.

Aspens up high are starting to get their leaves.

Normally the town clears out during holiday weekends but we're into a new normal these days and it's no longer the case.  Plus this is Bolder Boulder 10K weekend so it's the one holiday weekend that can be particularly crazy, especially downtown where there's a Creek Festival in addition to the Bolder Boulder madness.  There used to be around 44,000 competitors, not sure how many this year but the town is bursting at its seams.  We just avoid downtown and any other touristy places as best we can.  Even the trail by my house was Grand Central Station this weekend.  Tried to take the dogs down to the lake at 6:45 Friday morning and the trail was blocked by a screen and a bunch of people for a commercial photo shoot.  I squeezed past that cluster then down by the lake there was crazy yoga lady who freaked out both dogs and crazy guy sitting in a chair having a picnic with his husky.  We couldn't get near the lake.  At 6:45 on a Friday morning.  Early Saturday morning wasn't much better.  We gave up the rest of the weekend.  So ready to move to a quieter place.  The San Juans are calling.  If only that perfect house would come up.


  1. So exciting that you got a new puppy. I went back and read all your post. Thanks!! I hope you keep writing. Most of us have stopped posting on our blogs and its sad. I'm trying to keep mine up again. I think FB took over and its quick and easy. But there is so much negative stuff on FB.

  2. Yeah, I hate Facebook for many reasons. So negative, so spammy. I prefer blogs. I will have more puppy pictures, just got a new camera. Also going to work on a graduation video for Ruby's foundation class.