Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 In Numbers

I'm not sure how much these numbers mean but I've got a Garmin and I'm not afraid to use it.

Training totals for the year are:


306,944 yards (174.4 miles)
129 hours, 55 minutes

About 90,000 yards/32 hours were in open water (Strava reports 86,686 yards/29:30 hours but I forgot my Garmin for a few workouts)

Mountain Bike

1056 miles
135 hours, 5 minutes
89,180' elevation gain
73 rides


333 miles
83 hours, 52 minutes
29,120' elevation gain?


72 miles
28 hours
12,179' elevation gain?

Cross Country Ski

14.6 miles
4 hours, 47 minutes

Strength Training

16 hours, 35 minutes

I've also got 28.4 miles and 15:52 hours for walking on my Garmin, not sure what that's about.  I'd guesstimate I walk an hour a day on average between the dogs and errands.  Probably more.  So another 365 hours and say 900 miles of walking assuming 2.5 miles per hour which might be optimistic considering how slowly Lola goes these days.  Maybe more like 600-700 miles. 

This is the first year that I've had a Garmin for the full year (got it the third week of March of 2015) so it's the first time I've had a full year of numbers at my fingertips so I have nothing to compare it to.  From last week of March - December 2015 I had 345 miles/80:33 hours of running, 942 miles/118:18 hours biking, 263,999 yds/109:33 hours swimming and 17:41 hours strength training.  So running volume and strength training were lower this year for sure.  Probably didn't do too much biking from Jan. to March.  Did a lot of swimming though and almost certainly some weight training.

The only number that really stands out to me is the very low hours of strength training.  Can't believe it was so small.  I missed a few weeks in Feb/March due to a neck injury from overdoing the snow shoveling and cross country skiing but still.  This is a huge area of improvement for this year.

I'm pleased with the swimming numbers.  Running numbers are low but that's intentional.  Not sure I can handle much more volume and many of my run workouts have speed work.  This is where numbers can become a bit meaningless.

And as long as we're talking meaningless stats . . .

For the Xterra rankings I finished 47/443 women all ages, 5/68 for the female 50-54 age group and 2/20 for female, 50-54, Mountain Region.  Xterra gives you points based on your finish placement.  So people who do a lot of races finish higher.  This year will be even more so because previously they would only count 4 races but this year they're counting all your races.  So if I really REALLY wanted to be Regional Champion I could spend the summer traveling around doing zillions of races and it mostly wouldn't matter how fast I was unless others in my age group did the same thing.  Obviously Xterra is trying to make more $$$ by enticing people to enter more races.  And that's fine for the age groupers.  But I don't think it's a good way of determining who's really the best if that sort of thing matters to you and if you're a pro it sure matters.  A lot.  Probably not such a big deal for the age groupers except for those trying to qualify for Worlds because the Regional Champion gets a slot at Worlds.  And no, I'm not going to spend the summer going to zillions of races.  Not sure if I'm going to do any for that matter.  Maybe Nationals.  Probably Nationals.  No way I'm going back to Maui.  One and Done baby.

According to USAT rankings I finished 17/24 of all the ranked women in my age group.  In order to be ranked you have to finish 2 races.  There are a lot of unranked athletes but I didn't bother to count all that up.  USAT has a funny ranking system that I don't understand because it's based on some fictional finish time that they compare you're time to and there's no way to know what that time is.  This probably works o.k. for the road triathlons but for off-road it's not so bueno.  Worlds was a very tough race because of the conditions, super slow times, 1 - 1 1/2 hours slower for many people who had done it before.  The woman who won my age group at Worlds finished way behind someone in the overall USAT rankings whom she'd beaten by almost 1 hour 15 minutes at Worlds because the other woman had done some other races where she hadn't had such a relatively slow time compared to the fictional comparison time.  I finished ahead of someone who had beaten me in the only 2 races we'd done together and I finished behind someone I'd beaten.  So I dunno, kinda screwy.  But I guess it's better than ranking people by who has the most time and money to race.

And in totally unrelated news, some photos from today's hike at Meyers Gulch.  Because I can't do a post with no photos or videos.

Poor thing, the camera stresses her out.  I tried not to torture her too much.

It was stormy looking over the Divide.  We have some snow coming in a couple of days but I don't think this was it.

Small but Mighty Mountain Dog

A nice meadow with a bit of winter color.

On a mission.  Always.

Nice view.

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