Friday, December 09, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday to Lola

Happy Birthday to my bestest girl.

I picked up a salmon cake at PC's when I got Ruby's booties.  Lo shared a bit of cake with Ruby but she gobbled it down too quickly to get a photo.  Haven't been working very hard on 'stay'.

Mentally she's still pretty feisty.  Physically she's struggling, especially the last 2 days with the snow and bitter cold.  Hopefully she'll do better today with the warm-up, supposed to go up to the mid-40's today and sunny.  She has periods of anxiety as well, especially at dusk, that old dog sundowners thing.  Like all of you with old dogs we wonder daily about what's the best thing for her but for now she lives to have birthday cake and we do the best we can for her and live in hope that she'll make the decision for herself about when she's ready to go.

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