Monday, October 17, 2016

Countdown to Xterra Maui

Xterra Worlds are this coming Sunday.  I feel fit and feisty and as prepared as I'll ever be for the heat and humidity.  We've been having a freakishly warm fall with temps. in the 70's and 80's and I've been taking full advantage and doing my workouts during the heat of the day when possible.  If I have to prepare for a hot race in Hawaii in October this has been the year to do it. 

I leave tomorrow and mostly everything is packed and ready to go, including my bike which was a super huge hassle.  My coach gave me a spare bike box so that was a huge huge help but getting the bike apart and packed and the box shut proved a challenge.  I managed to do it without taking the fork off and I think this is what created the difficulty but reassembly will be so much easier so it was worth the effort.  So many little details to think of when packing for a race like this and being away from home in such a foreign place, this seems the most daunting part of the experience so far.

My aunt sent me some guide books that she had bought and I've been working my way through them.   I don't typically like to rely on guide books but I'm totally lost when it comes to Hawaii and they seem pretty helpful so far.  I think I finally have some ideas for activities while I'm there.  Though sadly my aunt won't be joining me, she had to cancel due to health issues and is really disappointed that she can't make it.  I am too, visiting with her was a major point of the trip.  But my roomie from Nationals has decided to go so I'll have some company though she comes later and leaves earlier than me.  Also my coach is in the same condo complex and her husband is super handy with bikes so if I have any problems she's offered me his help.  She's been super helpful in answering all my zillions of questions about logistics so that's taken a lot of the stress away.  And now that the bulk of packing and fretting is done I think I'm finally getting excited about it.

Here's a very important travel tip if you're planning a trip to Maui.  Don't go over to the Maui section of the City-Data website and click on the 'Shark Attack Today' thread.  Trust me on this one.

The weather report is showing strong winds (20-25 mph) the entire time I'm there and humidity in the 65-75% range so on the one hand maybe the heat won't be so bad but on the other hand those strong winds for 9 days could be super annoying.  Though I'll take wind over baking heat and humidity on race day though this could make the swim challenging.  I've never swum in high surf, at least I have some days to practice and Xterra is holding a clinic with some pros helping people learn to get in and out of the water.  Nothing I can do about it, just have to roll with the conditions and adapt as best I can.

Kind of hard to leave Colorado in a way, the weather is so perfect and fall is such a spectacular time of year.  We took Ruby on her first hike with in the mountains and she loved it.

West Magnolia Trails

I haven't made many trips to the high country this year for leaf viewing mostly due to training.  I've had some good long rides in the mountains but not in places that were good for leaf viewing and I was the slowest person riding with other people so even when there were a few good places for photos I didn't want to stop since people already were having to wait for me.  One thing about having a lot of skin in the game in terms of money, time, stress, hassle, etc. is that it sure motivates your training.  I put everything I had into all my workouts between Nat's. and Worlds.  At the very least I feel pretty fit, regardless of how things turn out on race day it's a huge benefit health wise.

I'll miss Jonny and the dogs.  Lola is hanging in there and Ruby has settled into life in her new home.  She's getting more sassy and confident by the day.

Her agility training has fallen to the wayside with my spare time and energy going towards my training and preparations for the trip.  Once I get back I'll start focusing on her training again.  We're also hoping to be able to make our move to Southwest Colorado this spring so lots of stuff to do on that front.  But for now I focus on Maui and Worlds.

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