Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Ah Taper Week and More Waspmageddon

I've got a race this weekend which means I'm tapering which means plenty of time and energy to do myself a mischief.  My wasp traps came today so I'm back to Waspmageddon.  Managed to block off their access to their lair with a t-shirt and duct tape and put a trap right at the entrance but man they are PISSED and so far they're not falling for the trap.  Thankfully no people or dogs have been stung so far, other than my two previous stings before I started my war.  I'm starting to have the feeling this is going to turn out as badly as Iraq.  Or Viet Nam or Afghanistan, or whatever ill conceived U.S. aggression you like. 

YouTube is filled with all sorts of unhelpful advice mostly involving rednecks and gasoline/explosives or elaborate gizmos requiring soldering irons and knowledge of geeky electronics.  Or hippy traps made of apple cider vinegar and dish soap.  Never mind the horrifying videos of wasp swarms and the queen.  Because the queen is terrifying huge.  I had no idea and I wish I could unsee it.

Then there was the guy who ran his shop vac at the nest access point and gathered up around 1000 of them (by his estimation).  This sounded like a great excuse to get a shop vac until I got to the part where he said he ran the thing for 3 hours.

I could go back out there with the garden hose and a spray bottle of dish soap/water mixture but this is a slow, tedious, dangerous operation that maybe kills about a dozen before you lose patience and get too hot in your winter clothes that you're wearing to avoid getting stung a few days before your race.

I guess let's look at a pretty sunrise picture at the Rez and hope for an early snow.

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