Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tracy Sklenar Seminar

I had a day and a half of International Handling with Tracy Sklenar at FRAT's annual seminar and it was very awesome.  I have a lot to practice.  Strum turns 10 next month but that doesn't mean he can't learn new stuff.  I finally understand what a Jaako turn is as opposed to a Ketschker, or at least my understanding of a Ketscher.  And I finally understand what a German Turn is.  And a Lap Turn, Reverse Spin (I was calling it Top Spin), Reverse Wrap.  So much jargon, I know, but it's nice to have words that make sense to me.  Tracy had explained everything clearly and I've got video of her doing some of the turns so I can get a good idea in my head of what they're supposed to look like.  She has a nice system of using letters of the alphabet to help you decide which turn you need. So for example an S-shaped turn would be a German Turn.  So easy to walk a course, think about the shape of the turn you want then know which turn to use.  Easy peasy.

I put together a montage of our runs and it doesn't look so bad but wow, going through the video it looks like I was struggling more than I realized.  To be fair I was choosing the most challenging handling options for us so I could get some help with them but still.  I had some physical things going on, especially on Monday (the later runs on the video).  Came home Monday after the morning session and had a not so fun day and night of fever chills/sinus pressure/brain fog.  Which explains why I was struggling with a simple blind cross in one of the exercises and hey, watch me do a reverse spin in the wrong direction on the video.  Sheesh, at least I had a reason and I was tired on Sunday and had a bad night of twitchy legs and constantly waking up in a sweat on Saturday so it had probably started on Saturday.  Didn't feel sick until I got home Monday though so didn't realize it at the time.  I don't think it was a virus, probably an endometriosis attack.  Had the genius idea a month ago that I no longer needed to take the birth control pills which control my symptoms.  Guess I'm not quite ready to give them up.  Started back on them on Monday night and by Wednesday I was able to see my clients again and felt totally back to normal.  Also had some pasta for lunch on Saturday which I'm sure didn't help, especially with the brain fog.  I've had pasta only 4 times in the past year, I was desperate for a quick lunch and Noodles was the first place I saw.  I'm usually good about packing my own lunch but I had a crazy day with clients suddenly wanting to come in on Friday then cancelling then wanting to come it, etc.  Didn't quite get to the store to buy salad stuffs.

Video Montage

The seminar was 2 weekends ago, had a DOCNA trial this past weekend and I'll post about that later as well as more parkour fun.

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