Friday, July 25, 2014

What Was I Saying Again About That Course Looking Fun?

Because I pre-rode the Xterra Aspen Valley course today and it was the opposite of fun.  I'm sure I walked way more of the course than I rode.  If it wasn't too late to get a refund on my hotel I was going to turn around and drive right back home today.  But it was too late.  So I'll at least go and do the swim, possibly a 6 mile loop of the course (there are 2) then do the run.  It's a DNF (did not finish) and no points for Nationals but at least I'd get in a good hard training day.  Or maybe I'll gut out the whole enchilada.  I've never DNF'd a race before and once you pin a race number on me I'm not likely to quit.  Maybe I'll gut out that second lap.  Because hiking with my bike is super fun.

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