Sunday, August 25, 2013


I competed at the Xterra Buffalo Creek off-road triathlon yesterday, my last race of the qualifying season for Xterra Nationals.  I'll write up a race report next week but in short I came in 9th place in my age group which was good enough to move me into 7th place overall for the season which qualifies me for Nationals.  It was a nail biter for me up until yesterday so I was very happy and relieved when I saw my placement.  It was a long day out there in the thin mountain air (8000' + elevation), 4 hours 9 minutes, but it was a beautiful course and perfect weather.

Now I have to rest up and get training for Nationals in 4 weeks.  So excited to be going back to Utah this year and happy I pulled it off with only 3 races.

Photo from the t.v. coverage from last year.  I rented the online on demand video since they never showed it on t.v. in the Denver area and was surprised to see a short bit of footage of me on the bike.  Cheap thrill.

A few days of active rest (ie light training) then I need to hit those hills.  Nationals is all about the hills and I'm eager to take some time off my bike and run times from last year.

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