Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Surfs Up!

Went for my early morning swim with my masters group then came back to the Rez so Strummer could have his turn.

Yee Ha!

Normally on Rez days I go for a bike or run after my swim so I only need to take one shower but it's taper week and my legs are still tired so only one workout today.

Strummer loves swimming

He's obsessed with water.  I've been doing some dogwalk boot camp in the back yard and rewarding him with the hose.  The other day he dropped a raw hide chew because he saw me walking near the hose.  If there's a hose at an outdoor trial he'll pull my arm off after his run to get to it and once he went tearing out of the ring early for the hose because we were near the ring gate and he thought we were done.

Please to throw the ball

I don't typically care for the north side of the Rez because it's full of rattlesnakes and naked hippies.  Usually I go to the south side but it's shut to dogs during the summer season.  Times have changed though and the rattlesnakes and naked hippies have been replaced by zillions of ill trained, pushy, in your face labs.  Technically dogs are supposed to be under voice control but none of the dogs I saw today were.  We avoided the sandy beaches which were busier and found a quiet little shady spot to ourselves but we still got invaded by numerous over exuberant labs.  Strummer could care less as long as they leave him alone, he just wants his ball, and I managed to fend them off with the Chuck-It.

A little bit of haze over the Flatirons but still a pretty morning. 

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