Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sofa King Cold

I went to the Boulder Rez last Tuesday for my first open water swim of the season and it was fabulous.  Water temp. was low 60's but it was sunny outside and I had my wetsuit, neoprene swim socks and brand new neoprene skull cap.  I got out after only one 1000 meter lap though because I felt like I would get too cold if I tried for another.  So this morning I was all fired up for 2 laps since I figured the water would be even warmer.  I lasted about 20 seconds.  The water was colder and the air temp. was cold and damp, no sun, ugh, I think that's the first time I've ever got in and got right back out again.  To add insult to injury I noticed someone I know finishing up her first lap and getting out as I was getting out.  I didn't feel bad about getting out because she's pretty hardcore and swims way more than one lap.  I said something like, 'Too cold even for you?'  And she said, 'No just getting out to take off my wetsuit.  I want to do a lap without it.'  Damn Boulderites.  I don't even think she's a triathlete or training for a race or anything.  She was out there last Thursday when conditions were even worse.  Cold water and air temp. and the wind was blowing so hard that a lifeguard's boat overturned.  I knew better than to show up for that.  This Thursday isn't looking promising either, guess I'll have to put the Rez on hold until next week.  Not sure when I turned into such a wimp but oh well.

We are getting some warm sunny days though, wildflowers are bursting out on one of our regular neighborhood walk routes.

Collie Flower

They're also starting to bloom up at Walker Ranch.  Had a way too long 8 mile steep hike there on Sunday.  Supposedly it's only 1737' elevation gain but it felt like a lot more.  Legs were still pretty sore before the hike but mysteriously felt way better several hours later.  Recovery is a weird beast.

South Boulder Creek was running strong with the spring run-off.

Time to start hitting the hills.  This month will be all about the run.


  1. that's a very happy puppy face!

  2. As one who hates being in the pool on any days where the outside temp is less than 100, I have vast admiration for the courage of those of you who do it when it's cold in & out, even with a wetsuit. The gal who does it without a wetsuit--well, that's just crazy.