Monday, May 13, 2013

Picked Over

After 3 weekends of agility in a row and a heavy training schedule this is about how I feel.

I know, ewwww.  Buzzards gross me out.  Yet I couldn't help stopping when I saw them at the side of the road.  At first I thought they were some ugly ass breed of chicken.  Then I realized they were awfully big and had entrails on their heads.

I was hoping for zillions of pictures of cute babies - buffaloes, goats, horses, I don't know, anything but gross vultures.

Still.  Kind of cool even if they do barf me out.

USDAA trial this past weekend was very very fun, perfect weather for an outdoor trial.  Only 1 Q in Advanced Snooker which I do need to move up but still very fun, very challenging courses.  It was our debut in Masters Standard and it felt so good to be able to sink our teeth into them.  I missed Sunday's Standard walk-through but still managed to figure it out by watching some other handlers and except for Strummer popping out of his weaves it was a beautiful run.  The course was so difficult that he still ended up in 3rd place even with the 5 faults and lost time for re-doing the weaves.  So I guess it means a maximum of 2 dogs Q'ed in the 22" Championship class.  This was the theme for the weekend, very low Q rates in almost everything.  I'll write a bigger report when I'm not feeling so dragged out. 

Dragged my butt to masters today for the 1st outdoor workout of the season.  It was fabulous to be outside but I was dragging ass.  No one else in my lane and it was 'real' masters with Jane rather than the skills/technique session I go to all winter.  Jane's workouts are notorious and I haven't been to one since last summer so it was a bit of a shock to my already worn out system.  Seems wrong to take a rest day after taking it easy before the trial last week then not training during the weekend but it was an outdoor trial with lots of walking and I had lots of runs and my quads are toast so I think I need to take tomorrow off if I'm to have any hope of a semblance of a training week ahead of me.


  1. Uh oh, what are Jane's workouts notorious FOR?

    Great pictures, even of a gross subject. It's always interesting when they look back at you when you ride by.

  2. Her workouts are hard. Never a dull moment. (She is Dave Scott's sister). Many people from the easier skills workouts are scared of her. I really like her though, she was my first ever masters coach and has helped me a lot over the years. Usually when there's an article in Triathlete Magazine (or whatever) about top 10 things to do when visiting Boulder, 'attending one of Jane's masters workouts' makes the list. The fast lane during the summer is incredibly pointy, full of pro's and whatnot. I swim in the fastest lane at the skills workouts but I'm back in the slowest lane at Jane's workouts.

    1. Fun. I really need someone to kick my ass and force me to work harder.

  3. Oh she will happily kick your ass, no worries there. Went back for more today and it was awesome.

  4. That Cody. Cracks me up every time!

    Those birds are pretty cool, I say.

  5. Ditto what muttsandaklutz said. Dogs are so weird.

    I often think about [well...not that often, really] how "buzzard" and "vulture" have kind of negative connotations, but everyone's all excited when we start talking about the rare and severely endangered California condor, and in fact it'sjust a very large vulture. Still cool, no matter what, entrails and all.