Monday, February 18, 2013

Dry as Bone

This winter has been scary dry, even worse than last winter.  I hit the trails on my bike on Sunday and was greeted with this sight on the Left Hand Trail in Boulder.  The waterline for this reservoir should be where the trees/bushes are.

A view of the rest of the reservoir.  I've never seen little islands in this body of water before.  Again, the trees are where the waterline should be.

Despite the snow on Thursday the trails are already dry as a bone though it's possible this area didn't get as much or any snow even though it's only a few miles away.

We haven't had any sort of significant snowfall (more than 3"-4") all winter and while I'm hoping it doesn't come on the weekend I have to drive over and hour to Castle Rock for a USDAA trial I'm hoping we get at least one good dumping or it's going to be the super scariest fire season ever.

In other news, Strummer and I had a stand-off with some neighborhood hooligans on our walk today.

Actually this is an excuse to take a picture of my neighbor's cool trailer.  How much do you want one of those?  Well, I want one anyway though I would have no way to tow it.

Don't worry, in the end we sent the youngsters packing.

I wasn't going to mess with these guys.  They looked like they were for sure up to no good.

Went back to boot camp today and so far my foot is o.k.  So sore though, that instructor was hell bent on doing my abs in.  Meaty man arms are getting worse, not better, but at least I'm getting used to the sight of them so I guess that's something.


  1. Holy hooligans!! Strummer looks so calm and thoughtful about it. Lucy would have lost her mind!

    Hoping for some (lots of) precipitation in your near future.

  2. I love all the deer! So cool!

    Hope you start getting some good snow dump. Everyone was telling me March/April are heavier snow?

  3. March is statistically the snowiest month but last year we barely got any snow in March. Hard to say what will happen this year. April is snowy as well but again, last year not so much. I guess we'll see. Looks like snow for sure on Thursday, only question is how much. So far I've heard anywhere from 2.5-7" for Boulder.