Thursday, July 01, 2010

Best excuse for a car crash ever

The vampire made me do it.

"When troopers arrived, they found the woman's car in the canal but could not find the vampire."

Really?  I think they just weren't looking hard enough.  They didn't even bother to call out the sniffer dogs.

Tempting as it is I think that blaming traffic infractions on a vampire is maybe asking for more trouble than it's worth.


  1. Maybe the vampire is hiding in your blair witch woods. I'll bet they didn't even think to look there.

  2. Blair Witch woods are on the other side of the Divide from Fruita and I'll bet she doesn't share her woods with a panty-waisted vampire but it would be an interesting showdown. In any case, Fruita is 10-15 minutes from Grand Junction where DOCNA Champs will be and when we're there I'll keep my eyes open for the vampire for sure. Maybe we can even enlist him to run leashes or set jumps if we can find him some strong enough sunscreen.

  3. I like it! But watch your dogs closely. (Or don't vampires ever drink dog blood? I'm a little behind on my nature studies.)

  4. I'm supposing because of the whole 'Werewolf' thing the vamps leave the dogs alone as a professional courtesy thing.

    In any case Strum's already clearly sold his soul to the devil so I don't think a little vampirism added to the mix is going to make all that much difference.