Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday-Finally

This is how I feel after spending 7 1/2 hours in meetings today.

So busy this week, I lost track of the days.  No time to go to the practice field, hopefully I can sneak in a practice this weekend.  We've been having weave pole bootcamp in the backyard though.  Not sure if I'm helping or hurting the training, poor Strum has regressed again to popping out at pole 8 and missing those onside entries.  Argh, I feel like I'm bashing my head against the wall so I'm going to try something different next week.  Part of the problem is that my yard is too small but maybe I'll find a way to work around.  Also I think I'll try to take my weave poles out to the Rez sometime next week to try training somewhere new.  Not sure if I can fit the whole set in the car but I'm sure I can get at least 6 and a practice jump.

Maggot ball was a huge hit, all 3 dogs went nuts.  I'm sure it was the treats they got for getting on maggot ball and not the ball itself but after a few minutes there was much insane barking and fighting for who gets to get on maggot ball next and I had to institute the ever popular Sit Down and Shut Your Piehole Protocol for the dogs not on the ball or risk an 'incident' and the premature loss of my hearing.  I'll have to get Jonny to assist to get video or photos because there's no way I can play photojournalist and doggy physical therapist at the same time.  I'll also have to pull out some old Clean Runs and get ideas for exercises because right now all I've got is 'Climb up on the ball and lie down', hopefully without simultaneously barking your head off.

I'm mentally exhausted after those marathon meetings so I'll leave you for now with some soothing Scottish ukele Ramones music.  Perfect for whatever ails you.


  1. If you find some more maggot ball exercise ideas, I'd love to hear them. Here are a few to get you started, nothing fancy just a few suggestions I've heard. Down; sit; stand; hand touches high and low; shake-a-paw; while standing, lift each of their paws one at a time; lift opposing paws simultaneously. etc.

  2. I'll go through my magazines today. I have a strengthening video that has a few exercises-bouncing the ball lightly while lying down, sitting, and I think standing. Same positions while rocking the ball side to side, front to back (not sure how front to back works with the maggot/peanut, they demo'd with an egg ball).

  3. Are you still using the 2x2's for entries? I am amazed how much they helped Summit with independent entries.

  4. Yeah, we got up to 6 poles with the 2x2's and he was doing brilliantly and I sorta quickly got him up to 12 and then he started missing again, and popping out. Had another session yesterday though and after 2-3 failures he finally got the entry he was struggling with and repeated it correctly for another few reps so maybe he's finally catching on. Took him to the practice field and ran him on a full course and he did the poles no problem though admittedly it was a very easy entry.