Thursday, November 12, 2009

A cautionary tale as we head into winter

This was a new one on me and of course it happened to Cody.  You know that old yarn about the kid licking the flagpole on the cold snowy day and getting his tongue stuck?  Well, somehow Cody managed to get that ball in the photo frozen to his tongue while we were playing in the snow storm 2 weeks ago.  If I was a different sort of person I would have laughed and run for the camera but instead I had a minor panic attack and rushed him into the warmth of the house where the ball fell loose from his tongue in a matter of seconds.  Phew.  But I had to wonder how that story would have ended had we been miles from home or the car at a park or on a trail.  It wasn't even that cold, maybe 30 degrees, and we'd been playing 15 minutes or so.  Now the dogs have been playing with toys in the snow all their lives and Cody is over 11 so I'm putting this down to a freak occurrence but still it's something to think about and I don't think I'll let them have toys for very long in the snow when we're far from a heat source.

In other news I got a call from a recruiter yesterday about an actual job in my actual field which was somewhat shocking and I have to admit to a fair degree of skepticism about a company that resorts to a recruiter for that sort of a job in this economy.  But anyway, after sending the recruiter the normal barrage of reference letters and resume she emailed me back wanting a 2-3 sentence summary of my experience, a couple of  'sizzle statements'.  Anybody out there know how to make a career in Structural Engineering sound 'sizzling'?  Oh the indignity of my life.


  1. That is the craziest thing. I'm glad he was OK.

    Fingers crossed on this recruiter thing.

  2. I once got a popsicle that had been on dry ice frozen to my tongue and just pulled it off in my panic (I was in 2nd grade, what did I know?) and it hurt. Hurt for a while. Sooooo---i understand your concern.

    Good luck on the recruiting thing. Great news that someone is actually calling you.