Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pictures of Ewe


My neighbor's sheep had a baby yesterday, too cute. Wish I had better photos but that was as close as my lens would zoom.

Lola sez mmmm, lamb chops

Lola is scared of sheep. She had an instinct test many years ago and did a combination of charging/barking and running/hiding so that was as far as we ever went with that. Strummer is the one with the good herding instincts but I've not pursued it mostly because of the cost but also because he gets so overexcited. Last time I tried with him was at USDAA Nationals and he did o.k., didn't get too over the top but was still a bit overexcited. If only it was cheaper and not an hour's drive I'd let him do it more. I feel bad because he obviously loves it but oh well.

I've got a USDAA trial this weekend and I'm only taking Lola and only doing 2 runs per day. On the one hand it feels so weird not taking Cody but on the other I'm looking forward to not having to run like a crazy woman between ring and crates to run both dogs in the same class. Strummer is staying home as well, he's not ready for an unfenced, 2-ring trial. My big hope for the weekend is that she'll continue with her enthusiastic table performances at an outdoor venue. I haven't had any more fun matches to practice at but we've been keeping up with our backyard training. A gamble Q would be nice too. Mathematically she could finish her Perf. MAD if she gets both Standard Q's but I'm not holding my breath on that one. We're in Snooker too because I'm a sick person and I like Snooker and it was first class of the day so it will be nice and cool. I think she's a Q or 2 away from whatever the 2nd masters level title is called but I'm too lazy to look up her records. We'll find out if it comes in the mail.

Speaking of which her DOCNA Masters Standard title (or whatever DOCNA calls it) came in the mail. I didn't realize at the trial that she'd earned it. DOCNA gives you a nice certificate, much nicer than the weird one USDAA gives you, and it was a nice surprise. I think she's a million Q's away from the Champ. title (MEX or something?). DOCNA was supposed to grandfather in some of her NADAC Q's but when I checked her records they hadn't added them in and I don't care enough to bother the office get to the bottom of it.

Looking forward to a fun weekend, it's been over a month since we've trialed and it's the first outdoor trial of the year. I love being outside as long as it's not too hot and predictions for this weekend are 50's on Sat., 60's on Sun. and maybe some rain on Sat. which sounds about perfect except for the rain but hopefully that will come late afternoon long after we're done. I signed up for early classes so we'd only be doing 1/2 days. I hate that zombie feeling on Monday after a full weekend of trialing so I'm limiting myself to half days and/or one day per weekend.


  1. LOL! I love that expression on Lola's face in conjunction with the lamb photos :)

    Good luck at your USDAA trial this weekend! I'm headed to one 4 hrs away, and only going to end up running 2 dog even though I entered them both *sigh* At least the weather should make up for that, yes?

  2. Good luck to you to! Wow, 4 hours is a long way. Mine is just under 45 minutes, not too bad. Might even get a bike ride in if the weather and my knee cooperate.

  3. Nice! I'll be at elevation (relatively speaking - 5,000 feet higher than here) so my workouts should be...interesting.

    I entered this trial and then none of my friends did. Lovely :)

    Best of luck to you and Lola!

  4. Love the lamb. Lilly would love to have 1-2 of her own, but once you get into livestock you can never go anywhere.

    Good luck this weekend. It should be nice.

  5. Hope your weekend went well. Lola's reaction to sheep sounds very much like Tika's. Oh, well, we can't all be stars at everything!