Thursday, April 02, 2009

Who me? Nervous?

I've got the Trouble Twins entered in a USDAA trial this weekend. It's Strummer's USDAA debut as well as his first time in Standard and the first time we get to see how his running contacts hold up in a trial. I was 12 ways to nauseous when the running order came out and I saw his name in all those classes but after a few more practices I'm feeling better about things. Both his A-frame and dogwalk have been looking great in sequences, the challenge will be for me to keep up, especially with the dogwalk. How am I handling the running dogwalk you ask? I'm using a special method I like to call Run Like Hell. Those of you locals who will be at the trial can witness the efficacy of this first hand, for the rest of you maybe I'll have video which will no doubt be better than anything you'll ever see on Comedy Central. Strummy's going to be a good boy and hit all his contacts, right Strummy?

But of course.

Even more importantly he's going to be a good boy and no shenanigans, right Strummy?

Who me? Always.

Lola's table practice has been going really well, last fun match she hit all her tables no problem with no balking or stress. I'm not convinced she's quite ready to show that enthusiasm in a trial but we'll give it a go. I'm even going to bring the stinky sardines.

Did somebody say 'Stinky Sardines'??!!

Hopefully the predicted snowstorm will not keep us from going up on Saturday, I'd hate to eat a whole day's worth of entry fees but it's 50 minutes/40 miles mostly on roads and highways that are the last place you want to be in a blizzard. I got stuck driving home in another snowstorm yesterday, not a bad one but still I'm getting sick of the winter driving conditions. And my poor yard is turning into a perfect venue for doggy mud wrestling. Was I really babbling on about fire danger last week?

Good luck to all entered in trials this weekend. We'll see if I make it through to the other side of this weekend with my mental faculties intact or if Strummer finally fulfills his lifelong dream of sending me to the funny farm.


  1. You'll do fine. Hope the weather holds. I don't even know. Where is the trial?

  2. Trial is in Loveland and weather is looking bad. Winter storm warning for Friday night to 6 pm Saturday, 6-8" of snow with 25-30 mph winds and gusts up to 40 mph. Chance of precipitation 100%. I don't think I've ever seen a weather report say 100%. I do NOT want to be on I-25 in that. I'm hoping I'll at least be able to go up on Sunday.

  3. Good luck with contacts, weather, running like hell, and all that.

  4. Go Strummy! Go away snowstorm! Looking forward to hear how it goes. So exciting (though perhaps in a nervewracking way) bringing the new dogs into the ring.

  5. Oooooo! Fun! Make sure to get video...