Sunday, November 09, 2008

DOCNA Champs Video-Day 2 and Finals

Finally got the rest of the DOCNA video uploaded. I know, you've all been watching the video from USDAA Nationals and here I come along with video of my vet dogs and amateurish handling. Oh well, at least my music is way better. Who's in charge of the music at USDAA Nationals anyway? Awful!!! Sorry, but it is appallingly bad. Subjecting an entire stadium full of people and who knows how many people on the web to Alphaville's 'Forever Young' at the end of the Veteran's Showcase was cruel and unusual punishment and wrong on so many levels. And don't even get me going about 'Luka', one of the worst songs ever and a terrible ear worm. Nothing says 'Congratulations on winning USDAA Nationals' like a horrid soppy ballad about child abuse. That gets stuck in your head for your long drive home.

Anyway, where was I now? Oh yes, my own videos. Course maps are here if you want to follow along. First up is the North American Challenge which is DOCNA's version of USDAA's Grand Prix. Lola's run was clean and went well except for the part where I got lost for a moment and nearly sent her up an off course A-frame. Cody's run is pure comedy. Or tragedy. Depends how you look at it. He starts off by popping out of the weaves at 10 then I over rotate my shoulders and send him into an off course tunnel. After that he's running wild, flying leap off the dogwalk, runs behind me to take an off course jump at the serpentine then completely bypasses the A-frame.

Next we have Day 2 Standard and Jumpers. Cody's Standard run is not bad aside from popping the weaves again and a few wide turns esp. on a turn after the A-frame. It's clean anyway and combined with his Day 1 run it's good enough for 2nd place and to get him into the Finals. Lola's run is both blurry (camera malfunction) and a bit problematic at the start. She's not at all happy with my handling of the tricky opening and has some words for me. Once I get her going though the rest of the run is nice and clean. No refusals in DOCNA and the vet course times are very generous.

Cody's Jumpers run is so nice except for a botched front cross at the start that somehow sends him over the wrong side of a jump. If not for that he would have made the Finals. Oh well, a nice run anyway. Lola's Jumpers run is clean but on the slow side. I barely got her off of the start line because she was freaking out over a dog in the practice area which was right next to the start line. Poor thing but she got over it and did the run though not with as much speed or confidence as I would have liked. Still, can't complain about a clean run especially when it looked like she wasn't going to run at all.

Oh and they made us wear those tie dyed shirts. Tie dye is not normally my thing and I thought I'd be horribly embarrassed having to wear it but the shirts were actually pretty nice and I've even worn it since of my own accord. In front of friends no less. They were shocked and teased me mercilessly but oh well, I gotta be me.

Finally here are the runs from Day 3 Finals. Lola's runs were both clean and very nice. Was thrilled to pieces with her. Cody took an off course yellow tunnel in Standard but otherwise was running with a happy enthusiasm that I could hardly be upset about.

Next DOCNA trial is in February with the same judge we had at Nationals which I'm very happy about, she was a great judge. Also should be Strummer's first 'real' trial if I can get his contacts down by then. Better stop typing and get back to training.


  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed the videos and introductory commentary.

    That Cody knows how to clown it up when he wants to eh. My dogs and I have had our share of runs like his North American Challenge... the applause at the end always makes me laugh and scratch my head. Anyway, he looked so happy and pleased with himself in all of his runs. Lola looked great too. Looks like a good time was had all around.

  2. I don't know how many times I've come out of the ring after one of Cody's crazy-assed runs and had some spectator tell me how great it was and how much fun he was having out there. I guess that if nothing else we're providing comic relief to the crowd.

  3. Lola looks pretty good out there. And I like the tie dye (but then I'm an old fan). Even USDAA did tie dyed shirts this year for their "free" t-shirts, but bleah orange, and even better, there are advertisements all down the back! Like it makes me want to ever wear it again?

  4. LOL about your comments on the music at USDAA Nationals. Haven't heard anyone else comment, but I had the same thoughts.

  5. Not sure what it was like in the stands this year but the 2 years before that I was there the stands were full of middle aged women holding their fingers in their ears, the music was so obnoxiously loud. Those who were inclined to large amounts of alcohol consumption were definitely at an advantage.

  6. This year we were in the stands very near to the announcer/music booth, and when they blasted the music loud enough that we couldn't carry on a conversation, we all yelled and gestured and they turned it down a lot, thank goodness.

    I had the same reaction about Luka--jeez, they're not going to play THAT song for a national champion??

  7. And orange tie dye, that is so wrong.