Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Home From Nationals

Obviously my plan to provide up to date reports, video, etc. didn't work out. Friday & Sat. nights they had the Performance Grand Prix Finals and the Speed Jumping/Steeplechase Finals so I went to see those and had to get right to bed afterwards so no time for blogging. I thought I'd have a lot of down time but I didn't.

Overall I had a blast, WAY more fun than NADAC Champs. These 2 events aren't even in the same ballpark. Saw some great runs by the 'pros' and amateurs alike. Had some great runs and not so great. Semifinals were a disappointment as Lola was stressed right on the startline. I released her and she turned around sniffing then ran past the first jump incurring a refusal and putting us out of the running for finals right off the bat. Once I got her going she was o.k. but got an off course at a trap and was pokey on the A-frame. Otherwise her run was nice but I could tell she was a bit stressed. Cody had a beautiful run but we had some problems with the weave pole entry and though he made it he just kept on going, missing the second pole. I got him back in but that refusal and the time lost also put us out of the finals. He then popped the final poles and I didn't bother to redo them, there was no point. He had an otherwise beautiful run, no stress at all. Overall, he didn't seem the least bit stressed the whole trial and Lola never seemed to quite relax though she had a lovely gamblers run and I think we were close to getting a placement.

More details, video, etc. later including runs from Steeplechase and Grand Prix finals when I have more time. For now I'll leave you with my favorite run (of my dogs) from Nationals, Cody's 4th place, qualifying finish in the Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals:

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  1. Congratulations! Glad you guys had fun. And thanks for the video of Cody; you two make a great team.